NA6MG 500th Unique

Congratulations Dan for activating your 500th peak. Well done OM - a very hard earned achievement!
73 Jordan WC6J

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Wow impressive! Have enjoyed working you on one or two of those!

John N0EVH

Congrats Dan. You da man. :smile:


Mike - ke5akl

Congratulation Dan on activating 500 unique SOTA Summits.

Jimmy M0HGY



Congratulations Dan. That was a lot of miles and time put it to make such an outstanding achievement. Looking forward to work you on the next 500.

Jeff K6QCB

Congrats Dan!

Congrats Dan!
Bill, K0MP

Congratulations on the achievement, Dan! Always enjoy working you!

Paul K9PM

WELL DONE DAN! Lotta gas, tires, and hiking boots, eh?
Listening for more… Ken

Great job on 500, Dan! Looking forward to our next S2S!

73, Ryan - K7ODX

Super! From a fellow active activator…I am VERY impressed!
Safe travels, Dan


Fantastic and I suspect a very high percentage of the 500 are also first time activations by you as well.

For those that don’t know, Dan is California’s number one activator and our first goat. If you look at his call sign it reads;

NA = North America
6 = 6th call district i.e California
MG = what else but Mountain Goat

Well done Dan!!

Paul M/W6PNG

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Outstanding achievement Dan. I’ve got you in my log 614 times so I’m sure I’ve worked you on most of these summits over the years. Keep up the good work.
Gary A. - W0MNA

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Great job Dan and congratulations! You’re the number one unique’s activator in North America and top 23 worldwide. Awesome!

73, Brad

Congratulations Dan! I have appreciated your dedication to SOTA 372 times and looking forward to many more! 73, Walt

Great going Dan. I can’t count the times that my day starts by working you. Keep up the good workk.


Congratulations Dan on your 500th Unique! Always a pleasure to work you. Since starting Sota , have worked you 79 times as WO6M and today makes number 500 as NA6MG. Thanks OM for so many contacts for us chasers. 73 de Scotty

Thanks for so much hard work Dan!

I’ve made so many contacts with you, as a chaser, as an activator with you chasing, and more and more fine S2S contacts lately.

Thanks and hope you can continue almost forever!



Congrats Dan, great milestone. Thanks for all the chaser points.
73 GL