NA6MG 500th Unique

That is great news Dan, Always look for you potent signals.
tom NQ7R

Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. It was tough getting to the 250 Uniques level, real tough getting to 500. Summit choices just keep getting further and further away from home base. I absolutely have no expectation of ever reaching the next level of 1000 Uniques. However I’m not going to stop searching for and activating new ones merely because I reached 500. Adventure is still calling. Yes, there’s been great expense with lots of fuel spent, new tires and new boots etc. Even an entire vehicle - close to 250K miles added on top of the 100K already on my Jeep Cherokee before I started all this. I just recently gave that vehicle away to my mechanic who has kept it running for the several years that I had it. Thank you all chasers. Great working you all. And thank you all who I’ve shared activations, weekend adventures and gone camping with. Most importantly, thank you all in the SOTA management team who keep this magnificent program running.



Some day I hope to get that many unique summits. You’re right, they seem to get farther and farther away…

Congrats Dan,
Some accomplishment OM. Work you on many more!

Dennis - WA2USA

Congrats on your accomplishments
It’s always nice to work you.
You’re in my log 97 times. Thank you for helping me make my chaser goals!

Gary - K3TCU

Mr. peakbagger extraordinaire, Dan, you are burning up the trails with this enviable accomplishment. Always nice to work you, keep on trekking …
73 de Woody/K1LB

Congrats Dan. Amazing all the time and passion you have put into SOTA. I was in a bad head space when we went to Calabassas Pk together. I hope we can try again sometime in the future and would still love to visit the shack as well. 73- Clifford - KK6QMS