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NA activations May 2019


I have two trips to the US coming up in May - the first will take me to Boston for my employer’s yearly customer gathering, and due to flights, I’ll get an opportunity to activate a few W1 summits, and with a 9 hour layover in SFO, will also plan to get out and bag W6 for good measure as well.

My plan for W6 is to grab an Uber to Mount Davidson and activate it on 2m, and then do the tourist thing and check out the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ll arrive in about 11am local, and fly out at 9pm, so if any W6 activators want to joint activate or catch up briefly, I’m open for that too. I’ll buy drinks, food and a Golden Gate Bridge snowdome for anyone who can pick me up from SFO and provides a full HF station :rofl:

The second trip is in the last week of May to North Carolina (week after Memorial Day[?]). Having already gotten W4C as an association, I am going to try sort out a hire car and maybe grab a couple of either W4T, W4V or W4G. If I do get out on the Saturday after, I’ll likely be out early and will need to drum up contacts quickly to get back to RDU in time for my 6pm flight. Alerts will be posted once I get a better sense of what those will look like.

W4G will be an option only if I get an opportunity when I arrive. W4T and W4V will likely be W4T/SU-022 and W4V/WV-002 Whitetop Mountain, if I can knock some of the drive off the night before.


Depending on when in May, I might be available to help out with some S2S or hike with you (if you want) up here in W1 land. Do you have any ideas for summits?


What day will you be in SF?


Sorry, somewhat critical information :slight_smile: May 11th.


Friday 10th - MV-003,4,7 where all candidates, as I’m staying in Boston right next to the I-93 so it should be easy to get to these.


Well, I’ll be out of town on the 11th. But the three peaks in NH are nice. I did them over Christmas break when I was at my parents. The trail up Joe English shouldn’t be a sheet of ice for you :smile:


Yeah, I’ll openly admit to digesting all of your trip reports with a passion that probably needs medicating. Thanks for the resource :smiley:


Ah, too bad. I’ll be in Vegas that weekend hopefully doing some activating of my own. I live very close to MV-003 and MV-004 so it would have been very convenient for me to get involved with those. If you’ve got any questions about them, feel free to ask me. MV-007 is an utterly insigificant little bump on the side of the road. By all means activate it, but just keep in mind that you’re not really gonna do much walking.

Be sure to check yourself for ticks afterwards, especially if you spend any time at all off the trail.


Alerts posted for MV-003 and MV-007.


MV-007 was a bit of a bust with only 1 S2S with @AC1Z and 1 contact on 2m FM. MV-003 was 4 contacts on 2m FM before the rain got very heavy so we headed back down.

Activation with Harish 9V1HP, the 9V AM, but he had not organised reciprocal permission, so only me transmitting.


Alert posted for W6/NC-423 during layover in SFO.


Uber says arriving at park entrance at 13:25 local. 146.52 fm


4 contacts on 2m FM followed by gratuitous selfies on the Golden Gate Bridge and dinner with Elliott K6EL. Plane leaves in an hour.


The first component of this will be an arrival into RDU on Sunday night, followed by blowing some points flying down to Atlanta early the next day, grabbing a car, and activating W4A/PT-001 for Alabama, and then W4G/CE-001 either on the Monday or early on the Tuesday. Flying out Tuesday afternoon back to Raleigh for my meetings.

The second component will be as predicted, W4T/SU-022 and W4V/WV-002, which, if all goes to plan, will take me to 31 associations over 5 continents.