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NA activations May 2019

To be more precise, I was pleasantly surprised that VK3ARR was now capable of “beeps and boops”.

73 Rich N4EX

He kept his learning of boopage and beepage quiet from many people it would seem. :wink:

I also built one before the ATU option was available. Agree it’s a great amp and half the price, weight and volume of the KXPA100 (which I would reluctantly take on an activation).

I wished I had been at Xena Hamvention this year to see if HobbyPCB had anything new.


I have done a few CW activations. I’ve even been spotted by RBNHole once or twice. However, most activations are quick so I will take microphone before key in those situations.

In other news, American Airlines misplaced my luggage in LA and it hasn’t arrived in Australia.

You encouraged me to learn :smiley: :+1:

Nice work Andrew! Glad to make the S2S with you. 73 Mike