N4EX Reaches 70,000 Points!

Congratulations to Rich N4EX for reaching yet another milestone at 70,000 Chaser points! Still #1 in NA.

Well Done, Walt NE4TN


Congrats Rich. Great Score.
73 de W4DOW (Dow)

Congrats Rich, very well done!
73 de Guru

Outstanding performance Rich. That score represents a lot of time in front of a radio and chasing the Europeans too I’m sure.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Rich. Great to always be able to count on getting you in my activator log, starting with my very first expedition last year.


Congratulations to Rich N4EX on 70,000 chaser points. We all know that this game we play is just for fun, but Rich is really dedicated. He is currently # 11 in the world. Like Gary , W0MNA said; this requires alot of time behind the key and mike to achieve such a good score. Plus the gentlemen and ladies over in Europe had a 7 year head start. Hi ! All the best Rich, and continued success. 73 de Scotty


A big congrats. Twice from High Knob in VA (last time about 10 days ago) and once from Sassafrass Mountain (only contact there) in SC. Thanks for helping make the journey worth it. Best of luck for many more QSOs with the whole gang.

Mike, N4VBV

In orbit, nothing less. Respect to Rich.

Congratulations Rich. That’s a huge achievement!

Thank you for the QSO on the last weekend, on 10m CW, when I was activating CT/BL-020.

Vy 73

Pedro, CT1DBS


73 de NU7A

Hi Rich

Well done on your achievement and thanks for all the contacts along the way especially the 15m contact we had yesterday when I was up on Mynydd Nodol. Looking forward to the next one :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done Rich and thanks for the many calls when I’ve been activating, it’s always a pleasure to get across the pond with 5 watts or less.


Victor GI4ONL

Congratulations again, Rich,
Just went into your database and see that you have amassed over 8,600 points in the last 6 months. This indicates we’ll be sending congratulations for 80K just over the horizon. And of course you are a MG too!
Keep having fun.
Merle KB1RJD

Congrats Rich,
Thanks for all the chases and being there to provide help with Alerts with unexpected change in plans and all the Spots as well. I remember when you first started Chasing and now look where you’re at, 70,000 points and counting. I recall the early days when getting 4 contacts was a chore but there you were, always to be counted on when I needed a Q. Keep it going OM and thanks for getting me involved with SOTA.

Dennis - WA2USA

Well done, Rich!
An activation doesn’t seem complete unless your call is heard.
Best, Ken

Amazing. Congrats Rich. Wore out the knob on that radio yet?



Congratulations, Rich! Thank you for being there when I’m on a summit and need a chaser! Always good to hear your strong signal!

Dave, AE9Q

Congrats Rich! Your’s is one call I could almost put in the log before I even go out when I activate! I am always waiting to hear you come back to that CQ SOTA! What a blast this stuff is!

Here’s to many more
Greg N2WZP

Everpresent. Huzzah!

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. It was such a lucky day when I stumbled across SOTA in August of 2010 and I have been grateful ever since. 73 to all. Rich N4EX