N4EX Reaches 70,000 Points!

4:53 this video

I think its your 11th summit chased



I just wanted to join in on the chorus of “congratulations!” on an amazing achievement.

When you mentioned discovering SOTA in August, 2010, I recognized that as the same month I had become afflicted with the addiction. So I did some checking… We both made our first SOTA contacts on the same day! You’ve certainly outdistanced me since then! And of course what only the “old-timers” may realize is that you worked the first 2 years exclusively using QRP I believe, racking up about 15,000 points in that time.

You have tremendous operating skill and etiquette and you’re almost always there. On the rare times that I activate, I just know you’ll be there for a QSO. (It was a tough one on Mt. Washburn years ago during a CME, but we made it!) Also, thanks for all the summits you’ve activated!

Randy, ND0C

Congrats Rich with 70.000 point!!. You are often in my activator log. Nice you receive me in the USA.

73, Sake



congrats on that score, I know how you do it - a very good home station and the right skills! - you are one of the few I hear consistently on LP in VK Monday mornings working the Sunday afternoon activators. This morning I heard you again on 14.065, also heard Dow, but did not hear the activator, sadly!

Andrew VK1DA

Congratulations Rich, that’s wonderful. I look forward to our contacts, you are almost always the first or second caller in my log.

I also appreciate that you are a first class operator. You set a very good example on the air for newbies like me and it is much appreciated.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

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