My winning activation

Hi guys.

One week ago I got it on OM/ZA-073 (Mravečnik). Now I am next Mountain Goat. I took me almost 10 years - maybe I am a lazy man :sweat_smile: Many thanks to all operators I did QSO with. My first SOTA activation was with Michal OM4AA and my Mountain Goat activation witch Igor OM3CUG. When Igor was achieving his Goat I was with him during activation on OM/TN-003 (Homôlka) in May 2018.


Congratulations. 10 years ??? No point rushing if you don’t want to.

Some very, very active chasers in your log !!!

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Hi Roman,


I am very happy to have S2S QSO with you on OM/ZA-073 - now I know that it was very important activation :muscle:

See you soon again on the frequencies :exclamation:

I am also sending the best greetings to Igor @OM3CUG :wink:

73, Jarek

Congratulations Roman!
73 Fabio

Hi Roman,
again big congratulations for your MG! It was beautiful day to be with you on your Mountain Goat activation. My MG took me 8 years… I do remember for many our joint activations and I hope for many others.

Here we are on OM/ZA-045 - Roman @OM4WY left, in 2013 year.

Jarek @SP9MA thank you and I hope for many others S2S QSOs!

VY 73 Igor OM3CUG Home pages OM3CUG in english language


Hi Igor,

See the log of my first ever CW activation :wink:

All the best :exclamation:

73, Jarek

Congrats Roman!!
Staying with the effort has paid off!

All Best, Ken

Hi Jarek,

so nice surprise - your very first CW SOTA QSO from hill was mine and S2S!
This will remain in my memory :wink:

GL Igor

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