My sota rig was stolen

Dear friends,
Today at noon my backpack was stolen from the trunk of my car. The backpack contained KX2 radio, antennas, mast and laptop. It was my complete kit for SOTA.
I please the station I worked with on 4.12.2019 today to send me qso data. It happened in Spain, Catalonia, Granoles, not far from Barcelona.

Sorry to hear this Jan. A bad experience first in EA8, now in EA3.
I did hear and call you this morning, but no QSO.

73, Hans PB2T


I’m so sorry to hear about that unfortunate event.

Hopefully, Spanish police would be able to recover your stolen sota rig…

I wish you a safe and pleasant trip home.

73 & GL,

Zoran / E70AA

I am very sorry to hear this horrible news Jan.

I have used MT admin privileges to enter a false (zero point) activation for you for today. This means that you can click on it in “My Activator Log” in the Database, then click on “Show who chased me”. This will show you a list of everyone who has entered a chaser QSO claim with you on 4th December 2019.

So far just two chasers have submitted a log of working you today, but if you check back in a few more days, the list should be more comprehensive.

When you have finished with the “pretend” activator entry, simply delete it.

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Very sorry to hear this news Jan.

Dear Jan,
so sad news!

Sometimes thiefs look for money, cards or documents and abandon the other stuff apart. Most probably they don’t know the value of your rig and gear.

If that is the case, the police in Spain collect the things that citizens find abandoned and store them, so that if someone goes and claim he is the owner they would give it back… This is called “Objetos perdidos” in spanish.

If I can provide some support, or write some letter for you in spanish to ask in the local police office just get in contact with me.

If you aren’t succesful to recover the rig, perhaps you could share the serial number in case we can contribute to find it in second hand market…

What a pity, angry about that!

73 de Ignacio


Sorry to hear that Jan,
it happened also to Bob F5HTR.
We keep cross fingers for you can get all back to you.
73 de Gerald

I’m really sorry for you. That’s a real shame and I personally find really shameful that this sad story had happened to you in my country…
I feel double sorry.
I hope you are lucky and recover your stuff, although I honestly find it extremely unlikely.


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Ahoj Honzo,
Sad news. I hope everything will turn in good and rig will be found. Even if it turns out bad, don’t worry. Sometimes worse things happen. Greetings from the highlands. Kamil

I will add my condolances Jan. It is terrible, more than just the value of what was stolen but also that someone would break into your private area and attack you like this is totally unacceptable. Like the others I hope the police recover your equipment but I also hope they catch and punish the theif.

73 Ed.

Hallo Jan

Sorry to hear this…

Maybe it makes sense to publish here the serial number.
And there are some qrp forums where you could publish it as well.
I am a member of a german qrp forum and if you like, i will write a note there.
73 Armin

I’m so sorry for what happened to you, Jan, I hope the police recover your SOTA bag as soon as possible.
73 de Fabio, IK2LEY

My qso: 04/12/19 09:01 EA3/OK2PDT/P on EA3/BC-081 7.0320 CW

A couple more chasers, including Fabio, have submitted their logs:

Sorry to hear this dear Jan.
I do hope to hear you soon again as activator !
My best regards and wishes 73’s Jean

I am really sorry to hear the news of the theft Jan. You would think the bag would have been safe out of sight in the car. I hope that you get the bag back soon, complete with all it contained.


Sorry to hear about your stolen SOTA equipment.



The problem with leaving things like a rucksack in the boot/trunk is when the thieves see you when you deposit it or when you open the boot to pick up or leave other things. The latter is what happened to me several years ago when I parked in the street by a basic hotel in EA7; I opened the boot to take my luggage bag and a jacket remained in the boot. The following day, I found that the boot had been carefully opened (nothing broken) and my brand new jacket had been stolen. I vaguely remember some young guys talking in the street about 5-8 meters behind me when I opened the boot of my car the night before. They probably spotted the jacket left inside and decided that it belonged to them…

Ahoj Honzo,
Sorry for your loss.
I wish you to turn to better.
Our world is full of webcameras nowadays, I hope one of them will help to find your backpack.
I will keep fingers crossed !

73, Jarek

According to Tom’s posting you have qualified for the points on your last activation. A very small consolation in view of losing your SOTA rig! Have you got it insured either a separate rig insurance or through your car insurance?
Hope it can be recovered somehow!

Or perhaps through travel insurance Jan? Some credit cards these days come with travel insurance included (even if you dont use them to pay for the holiday).

73 Ed.