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My sota rig was stolen

Sorry to hear about this just goes to show need to keep by ones side and club hammer in other. Not cheap to replace.

Was me i be Bloody mad and very gutted.

Do hope you get it back

Karl 2E0FEH

Ahoj Honzo,
je mi strašně moc líto co se ti stalo, držím palce aby se vše našlo.
Hodně štěstí
73 David

Hi Jan,
I’m so sorry about what happened to you, I keep my fingers crossed to find everything.
Good luck
73 David

Jan, I will add my condolences to those above. It is always a slight worry when I set off on an activation that my car might be targeted whilst I’m away. I also travel a lot for work (and not enough for holidays :wink:) with a bootfull of gear. I would hate to lose my cherished radio!

Ahoj Jan

Vy bad news. keep your nerves . hope you get your rig back…

Sorry to learn of this news Jan.
I do hope that you are able to get on air again soon.

73, Colin

Really bad news and I’m sorry for your loss. As someone else has said, it’s always a small worry that some one breaks into your car when you are parked up. Your loss makes many others worry too.

Sorry to hear the bad news Jan. Circulate the KX2 serial number and all hams can keep an eye open for it.

Neil G0WPO

My FT-857D was stolen long time ago. I filled police report and circulated serial number in HAMs community. Never heard anything back from police or from HAMs.

Hello Jan
I just read thez stolen of your rig. It is a really sad new for a sota man.
Best 73
André f5ukl

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Sorry about your stolen backpack.
I’m afraid this is a common thing in quite a few big cities in EA3 (even more with rental Cars)

I live un EA3 since 2004 and I know about It. When I take the Sota kit for after work, I carry It with me in the work and never leave it into the car.

I hope you can recover the rig

Hello Jan,
very sad to read that. I hope you get everything back.
As long as nothing has happened to you, everything is ok. The rest can be replaced.
vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Ahoj Honzo,
je to smůla a k naštvání, ale jak tu psal Marcel, jsou to jenom věci. Dají se nahradit. Hlavně, že ty jsi v pořádku.
Možná Ti někdy možná osobně povyprávím můj vlastní zážitek s podsvětím v Barceloně.
BTW, zkontroloval jsem deník, ale ten den jsme QSO neměli.

It’s bad luck enough to get mad, but as Marcel wrote, they were just things stolen and can be replaced. Important is you stay okay.
Maybe some day I could tell you my own experience with criminals in Barcelona.
BTW, I’ve just checked my log, but we had no QSO on that day.

73, Ruda, OK2QA

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Dear friends,
I sincerely thank you for your advice and comments. I was very pleased. I put the reserve radio HB1B into operation, bought a mast and some small items. My KEY is the door bell button. I apologize for the QLF. (cw left foot)



Make the best of the situation :slight_smile: :+1:

vy 73 de Marcel DM3FAM

Very well done Jan on your Single Lever door bell paddle !!!
I shall consider builling one as a backup for my trips, hi.



Transceiver KX2 (Elecraft) that was stolen from me had serial number # 2482.

I posted an info in the qrpforum.de

73 Armin


Dear Jan,
I have also posted the info about your stolen rig along with brand, model and serial number on the URE internet forums.



Sorry to hear Jan. Hope you have a chance to get some money back form an insurance. But I doubt it’s not excluded by terms and contract if you leave something back in the car. 73 John DK9JC