My SOTA plans for 2024 (and yours....)

(Add your own personal plans to this thread).

Well I think it’s time I stopped mucking about and completed some of the fine big ideas I had years ago.

  1. Activate Ben More GM/SS-001
    I’ve been putting off this summit for 15 years, time to do it.

  2. Activate Ben MacDui GM/ES-001
    Another summit I’ve been “not-activating” for far too long. Plan is to have 13cms and 23cms with me. Need some one on The Cheviot G/SB-001 as the 2 are optical LOS.

  3. Finish off activating the GM/SS summits south of the Clyde and Forth.
    Just 2 remaining Mullwharchar GM/SS-073 and Craiglee GM/SS-150. Both had reputations. I’ll be doing Mullwharchar with Gerald G4OIG.

  4. Reach 500 Activator Uniques.
    I’m now at 490 and there are hundreds of GM uniques for me to do. I just need to drive to them and do them. It would be nice to make Mullwharchar the 500th but sensibly I should be able to get to 500 by end of Feb if I just do them. Mullwharchar needs a nice long dry spell TBH so late Spring 2024 is more sensible.

  5. Do lots and lots and lots and lots of 10m activating for the 2024 10m Challenge.
    I’d really like to have 10m QSOs into Hawaii and Alaska. And everywhere else of course. But those 2 states elude me.

  6. Another activation from somewhere in an IARU African zone.
    Madeira again maybe or Tenerife or such coupled with a family holiday.

  7. Finish a few RF projects that are lingering due to my ability to put today what I can still put off tomorrow.
    QO-100 system and 122GHz systems.

I’m sure there’s more. Add your own SOTA plans for 2024.

All the best for 2024.


Reach 15,000 activator QSOs. I’m now at 12,447. Get better at activating in the rain. Reach 10,000 s2s QSOs. Now at 9,488.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT


Share your tips when you do. A tarp keeps the rain off me but I don’t have a practical solution for preventing condensation building inside the rig.

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  1. Reach 800 activator points. Currently on 595.
  2. Get 1000 CW S2S points during the year. Managed over 1200 this year so perhaps I should aim higher.
  3. Make plenty of 10m QSOs. Try SSB or FM even though I much prefer CW.
  4. Make my 4th homebrew rig for SOTA.

73 Richard

  1. Make CW my main activation mode (a way to go yet…!)
  2. Climb and activate Ben Wyvis GM/NS-005 (a shared ambition with my XYL who was born and bred in Inverness but, like me, has yet to climb it)
  3. Build a truly portable 2m/70cm beam
  4. Activate some summits in G and GW.
  5. Do many more activations than over the past 18 months since my first one.
    Oh yes, and pass my Intermediate licence exam, too!
    Some of these are safe bets, others very long shots. You can perhaps guess which is which….l😂
    73 Mike
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My main SOTA plan for 2024 is to get to 2000 activator points. I haven’t done too badly this year but I had hoped to beat last year’s score of 47 activations and I missed that target.

I’m currently sat at 1771 activation points, so I have 229 points to my target. Both of my sons are keen on joining me on the mountains, my youngest has recently managed to complete all the Yorkshire three peaks within 3 weeks.

I built a RockMite for 10m along with a low pass filter for my amplifier, so I can achieve a few watts of CW on 28MHz.

73 and HNY to all.


  1. Lots of activating on 10m, multimode (SSB, CW, AM, FM, FT4, FT8, JT65, PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, SSTV)
  2. Two uniques-bagging trips to GM with @M0HGY
  3. One repeat-bagging trip to GM with Liam.
  4. A summit activation on the way to every Macclesfield FC football match, home or away.
  5. A summit activation on the way to every gig.
  6. Tidy the shack.
  7. Update the website
  1. I have had the bits for two years. It is on my list (again).

  2. Activate from Switzerland and from Italy.

  3. Complete my last 20 summits in the Cairngorms NP.

  4. Do some LEO sats. from a summit.

A short list, but I have a lot else going on, so probably won’t even get half of that done.


When I was still at work I learned that the best technique for appraisals was to set some fairly easily attainable targets, so with 99 Uniques in the bag a fairly easy target will be 100 uniques in 2024 …

On the plus side in 2023 I did manage one unactivated summit, which was probably a good job as there are very few left, but I didn’t manage some of my other 2023 goals as I still have 3 NP peaks remaining as well as 16 LD ones.

So 2024 … 100 uniques…some bigger summits so I get nearer to getting a goat and hopefully another complete region (I’m not being specific which). Working towards 100 completes (not impossible as I have 78 in the bag)

Some summits which I would like to get “done” (this is the aspirational bit) include Ben Lawres (GM/CS-001) and depending on the legs some others in the group (not climbed in 30+years) , Moel Siabod (GW/NW-010) which was the first mountain I climbed with my parents probably 54 years ago (and I have never been back) and probably for completeness the Ben (GM/WS-001) ideally by completing the CMA (GM/WS-003) although it might end up just being The Ben… and finally some of the nearby hills in Southern Scotland near White Coomb (GM/SS-030). Oh and more 10m! and at least one 160m activation…(I’ve made the antenna Ben and am waiting for some more Welsh 160 madness)

Some of this will depend on the family and with GCSE’s and A levels this year I might not get as much time as I would like… and the target which I will start but probably not complete (borrowed from Tom) tidy up the shack… 73 all and HNY!


I enjoyed a huge variety of SOTA activities in 2023.
Activations by motorcycle, on islands, a first activation, all types of weather, fantastic views and good chats with new friends.
For 2024 I would like to do more of the same, I’m planning another trip to Sutherland for more GM/NS summits and an island visit as well.
I’m also making plans for small portable yagi’s for 2m and 70cm.
Saying that, I do need to lighten my pack so I’m going to have to be more selective about what goes in it !


New year’s rollover time again: roll over my goals from last year again!

ZL3/OT-001 - Finally have someone more experienced to go up this one with me so might actually happen
ZL3/TM-001 - 3 day walk minimum
ZL3/MB-001 - simple peak but long way from home

MG#2 (all uniques) - currently on 1665
Complete Central Otago District (59/71 done)

Maybe this year?


Achieve MG by May. Doable, but life has a tendency to get in the way.
And maybe do a few more new summits.



Oh, I will definitely be doing a Royal Flush in 2024. Thank you @ZL4NVW Matt :grin:

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Usually my SOTA year starts by first activating all winter bonus summits in the neighborhood…

Otherwise, I’m trying to get further with the HB9 Lowland Program. I’m still missing 18 summits as an activator.

I’ve always wanted to see Monet’s garden in Giverny. I can very well imagine going there in May or June via DM/SR, LX, ON, PA, FL/NO… all areas I’ve never been to.

And then it’s time for the Alps again… :sweat_smile:

73 Armin


Thanks for the thread Andy @MM0FMF. I have never had a SOTA QSO with a Japanese station. I would be very happy to have one in 2024. Otherwise on my todo list is the activation of the Grünten DL/AL-150. Why… is a longer story and for me personally. Maybe it will work out this year. Otherwise, the Altringenberg DL/AL-272 is still on the plan, which will no longer be valid as a SOTA reference in 2025. Unfortunately, my last activation was a bit of a fail - see Activation failure stories - #9 by DM3FAM:wink:
But no matter what 2024 brings in terms of SOTA, I’m looking forward to what’s to come and what you can experience and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) many QSOs with you all again.

Of course I wish everyone who sets themselves goals the corresponding success!

73 Marcel DM3FAM

  1. MG x 1.2 - It took 10 years for MG so adding another 100 points in 2024 seems a reasonable target.
  2. Qualify each summit on 10m.
  3. Release an updated VK port-a-log - it’s been 2 years since the last major revision.
  4. Activate and qualify a summit in VK3/VG region
  5. Activate and qualify a summit outside of VK3

Looking forward to an updste to my favourite ham radio program.


In 24hrs - to go one better?!

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The one I have in mind is a 30 mile/50km yomp, so probably a nice summer bivi route.

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Well @MM0FMF, top of my list is to meet up with you and do an activation when I’m in Scotland this summer :beers:

Since I have a wife, 2 kids in school, and a full time job my goal is the same every year: get outside and play radio as much as can get away with! I managed to get in 100 activations in 2023, so hopefully I can best that in 2024.

HNY to all!