Beaming with my simple wire antenna

On December 21th 2021 I activated DM/TH-853. I was using my 6 m Vertical with one elevated “radial”.

Starting the “radial” was directed to SE and I’ve got 8 contacts to South Europe and one to the West. After changing the direction to NW some contacts to the West came in the log, one to AC. Maybe it was because of this changing, maybe because of changing the QRG.

Looking at the radiation pattern the difference between forward and backward is around 3 to 7 dB, depending from the elevation. So a station from GM with 59 should also be reachable from the back. From a AC station I’ve got 33. I think this QSO was possible only by the direction change.

What experiences do you have with the beaming of your wire antennas?

73, Ludwig


One of the best wire “beams” I’ve used is what I call a double bobtail antenna. It’s two bobtail curtains - one as a driven set of elements, and the second as a reflector. The pattern is directional with low-angle radiation. It works great for DX. I built mine for 15m.

Here’s a video about the adventure of testing it. Another Peak, Another Crazy Antenna - YouTube

Theoretical far-field plots from MMANA-GAL are impressive.

And, well, the contacts in the video speak for themselves. Nice work with the antenna build. Choosing the right terrain to set up on helps your radiation pattern, and of course the height above average terrain on a mountain top always helps too.