My nomination for "best" SOTA beer

I expect this thread will get some interesting entries along the way.

For the “best” SOTA beer, I would like to nominate Säntis Kristall Spezial. It’s named after HB/AI-001 Säntis, and I verified with the brewery that the summit is actually depicted on the label. Best of all, it tastes really good, and it’s brewed by a family-run operation that hasn’t been bought out by one of the international conglomerates. I buy Appenzeller beer whenever I can for that reason (and the taste).

73 and cheers!


May Hill Summit (which is G/WB-019) is a rather nice traditional beer.

I’m extremely biased however, and the best SOTA beer around is actually Cleeve Hill (G/CE-0010) brewed in my kitchen :grin:




I was gigging in Leeds last night and this was rather tasty:



And not too bad a price. Cheers :yum:


Somebody has to mention this one!


  1. I like the price (if that is for a pint)
  2. Now we all know what Tom does between gigs!

73 Glyn

Of course you could get a little more into it with this one…

Pity we didn’t take this up the mountain for Paul’s Goat activation.

Surely the best SOTA beer is the first one after an activation?


Ha, I grew up on this stuff

Named after YO/EC-049. The track to the summit actually passes through “Beer valley” and there are several beer manufacturers in the area (apparently the water is pretty good).

@HB9DST: Paul, if you’ll search your photo archive from last year’s YO SOTA Marathon, when we were returning from the night spent at YO/MC-006 I took a picture of you next to a rock called “The Sphynx”. Bucegi is the name of that massif (3x 10-point summits):

I think we’ll soon have enough beer summits for a new association :).

Razvan YO9IRF / M0HZH

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Time to respond to Paul’s challenge with the romanian version of the SOTA beer:

The Bucegi mountain area is a very well known touristic destination in the middle of Romania, with some of the highest summits in the country: YO/MC-006 Omu, YO/MC-009 Costila & YO/MC-217 Coltii Obarsiei. The Sphinx depicted inside the medallion exist in reality in the middle of the Bucegi area.
And yes, Paul was there in 2015 with me :slight_smile:

Crazy thing… me & Razvan responding in the same time with the same beer…

I distinctly remember stopping for that photo.

After the ufb activation of HB/AI-006 together with Manuel HB9DQM last Sunday, I happily enjoyed my first bottle of “Alpstein Bock”:

This is clearly a typical SOTA beer, dedicated to all the summits of the Alpstein region and it even got an alpine ibex on it´s label - which is actually a goat! Beside that we also see HB/AI-001 (Säntis) with it´s broadcast tower and a hiker carrying a heavy load.
Can it get better? :wink:

With it´s 8% alcohol it is a bit strong and should better be consumed after the descent. :joy:

So much beer, so little time!


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I don’t drink so no beer from me but I am quite partial to Scotland’s other nation drink.

After any summit, any time.

Not recommended for Skye though, magnetic rocks are a potential problem :smile: