My first activation in cw

Superb, well done Chris, I did 30mtrs on my first CW outings because of lesser traffic, a new world opens up now with smaller transceivers, smaller batteries and thus lesser weight to carry. 5W now lets you contact DX, many times already I had contact with only 5W and a linked dipole on 20 and 30mtrs atop a summit.

Just do it ! At whatever speed, the chaser will take your speed. If they don’t, just ignore.



well done!

hope We can make S2S .

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Well done Chris. The first activation on a new mode is always the most difficult. Hopefully I will be able to work you more often as CW cuts through the local noise whereas SSB does not often make it.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Well done Chris,
You just inspired me to look back in the database. My first cw QSO on 17/06/14 was from Beinn a Churn GM/WS-267 near Shiel Bridge. It has still only had one activation.

Stay Safe
David G0EVV


Ramsons, great on a pizza :pizza::pizza::pizza:

Hi Chris,
I started 4 years ago: Sotadata3
CW is the best friend of mine nowadays, especially in low propagation period.
Now you will see how things may become easy :wink:

73, Jarek

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Hi Chris,
congratulations and it was a pleasure to meet you in mode cw for the first time.I hope there will be many qso’s to come.The contacts in SSB with you are also a pleasure and always welcome.Have fun with all operating modes and lots of Sota activations.
see you next time and stay healthy.

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Congrats! CW has been a SOTA game changer for me. Not only is it a lot of fun but it also is super efficient and allows you to carry a fraction of the weight you normally would. I see you have a beautiful KX2 but if you want to cut even more weight I highly recommend the LNR Precision MTR series of transceivers. I hope to work you S2S at some point! Congrats again my friend and 73.

Hallo Chris, well done, congratulationshamcw
Donald ON7QR 73.

Congrats on the activation using CW!
I’m still in the process of learning through the CWOPS Academy so sometime away for me.

How do you call CQ? Is it just:

Example “CQ CQ CQ DE KC1MIJ K”

SOTA CW is pretty easy to master, especially if you note QRS in the notes, chasers will put a lot of farnsworth in there for you.

Typical SOTA exchange is the basics

Activator: CQ CQ SOTA DE KM3A KM3A K

Chaser: [Callsign pileup]

Activator: [Chaser Call] GM ES TU UR 599 599 CA CA BK

Chaser: BK GM TU UR 599 599 MT MT 73 SK

Activator: TU …

Chaser: …

For a great YouTube check out Mot’s videos JP1QEC

Or Steve WG0AT

Both transcribe the exchange and should get you familiar with typical SOTA exchanges.

GL with CWOps, I’m currently halfway through Intermediate. Excellent program.


Hi Chris …

… i remember my very first sota cw activation at hekla in iceland. The first 5 minutes were horror - afterwards it went better and at the end I had more cw than ssb connections. All om’s were nice and reduced the speed. Keep on trying !! (und Bärlauch ist sehr, sehr lecker) :wink:

73, Peter

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Congratulations Chris. Now you know that you can operate in CW mode, this gives you a new valuable option :wink:.

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Yesterday I achieved my goal and 5008 points in the S2S category with more than 1000 contacts.
The 97 qsos in the CW helped me a lot and I’m a little proud of that.
Many thanks to the patient telegraph operators.

I couldn’t hide my joy in the short video: DL1CR Now 5008 pts for 1072 S2S contacts - YouTube

73 Chris


Good morning Chris.

Congratulations on reaching the 5k s2s points. Well done. Thanks also for our first CW s2s last Monday from DM/BW-454 on 60m :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congratulations! What an achievement :smiley:

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Congrats, Chris, for the 5K S2S points and mainly for the CW QSOs finally made.
I’m looking forward to QSO with you on CW soon.


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Hey Chris …

…that’s an amazing achievement. Great!

73 Armin

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Hallo Chris,

Du Nachahmer :wink:. Gratulation!!!

Aber noch interessanter: hast Du genug Bärlauch geerntet?

73 Ludwig

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Congratulations Chris!
A new CW world has opened up to you. Hope many CW S2S QSO with DL1CR.

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