My first activation in cw

Today I finally dared and I had my first activation in telegraphy. I chose the 80m band so that no pile up should arise. Nevertheless I ended up with DL8DXL, DL1FU, DK1HW, DL4MFM, DK2JK, DL6FBK in the log and G4OBK as odx.

You became very patient, although I often had to ask. Thank you for your benevolent support.

It was really fun!

Here a short video of my place in the wood

73 Chris


Gratuliere Dir Chris

in3adf markus

Well done!. Yes those are what we call Ramsons.

Fantastic Chris - great to work over the North Sea on 80m CW! I live 25 Km east inland from the sea but seem to benefit during daytime in propagating signals on 80m and 160m, although in early springtime it is less likely. Congratulations on your first (I hope) of many activations on the key!

73 Phil G4OBK

Excellent and well done! Keep up the good work and before long you’ll look for those CW pileups and will handle them like a pro.

Mike, AC0PR

Congratulations Chris. Treasure this moment! One of my happiest SOTA memories is my own first activation in CW back on 13 May 2007. I think I worked at 10wpm on that day - but it was great fun and really quite exciting! Well done Chris.

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Tnx :grinning: :partying_face:
73 Chris

Bravo ! Chris
Trying CW is for ever and probably easier for me to QSO you :crazy_face:
Thanks for activations
73 Roger

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HAllo Chris

PRIMA - Da hast du deine Möglichkeiten jetzt um eine nicht ganz unerhebliche Spielart erweitert.
Geschwindigkeit und Sicherheit kommen mt der Übung… gar kein Problem!

Für ich hat diese urspünglichste Form des “Funkens” immer noch etwas magisches!

Bis bald mal auf den Bändern

73 Armin

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Guten Morgen Chris,

Glückwunsch zur CW Aktivierung. Ich scheue mich noch etwas davor aufgrund der Unsicherheit beim hören. Das ein oder andere CW QSO von einem Summit zwar schon gemacht, aber eine komplette Aktivierung in CW… mal schauen. Dein Beitrag motiviert :+1:

73 de Marcel DM3FAM

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Morgen Marcel,

mir geht es doch genau so. :grinning: Ich höre recht sicher nur den Rapport und 73 und beim Call frage ich solange nach, bis es stimmt. Ein bisschen hilft der KX2 mit, aber immer klappt es nicht damit. Manchmal hilft auch, dass ich das call schon kenne.

Eigentlich müsste ich wieder regelmäßig das Hören üben, aber das sage ich mir schon seit Jahren, hi. Also, besser ein holpriges cw qso als gar keins.

Ausserdem gibt es einige oms, die nur noch Telegrafie machen. Die freuen sich sehr über ein neues call. Man rennt sozusagen offene Türen ein.

73 Chris

I feel the same way. : grinning: I’m quite shure hearing the rst and 73 and let them repeat the call, until it’s ok. The KX2 helps a bit, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it helps that I already know the call.

Actually, I would have to practice listening again regularly, but I’ve been saying this for years, hi. So, better a bumpy cw qso than none.

There are also a few oms that only do telegraphy. They are very happy about a new call. You break open doors, so to speak. (Do you say so in English?)


:+1: :grinning:

73 de Marcel DM3FAM

If you mean, to achieve something for the first time or to have a go at something new, English idioms are ,
“To get your feet wet”
“To break the ice”

I would better say: You kick at an open door.

Tnx 73 Chris

Ah, I think I’ve got the context now, Chris. If you’re pushing at an open door, you achieve what you want easily because many people agree with you or support you, in this case the supportive CW chasers. I hope you enjoy the world of CW.

73 Andy


Also known as Wild Garlic. Sometimes used in cooking because of it’s milder taste :slight_smile:
Congratulations on your first CW activation Chris and respect for your achievement!

73 de Paul G4MD


Congratulations Chris
SOTA has also been a telegraph school. Patience is a virtue of SOTA operators and it helps a lot of those who are starting

73 Gomes CT1HIX

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Superb, well done Chris, I did 30mtrs on my first CW outings because of lesser traffic, a new world opens up now with smaller transceivers, smaller batteries and thus lesser weight to carry. 5W now lets you contact DX, many times already I had contact with only 5W and a linked dipole on 20 and 30mtrs atop a summit.

Just do it ! At whatever speed, the chaser will take your speed. If they don’t, just ignore.



well done!

hope We can make S2S .

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Well done Chris. The first activation on a new mode is always the most difficult. Hopefully I will be able to work you more often as CW cuts through the local noise whereas SSB does not often make it.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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