My first 100 points as an activator

I started my Sota journey in early December 2016. A friend of mine M0JZH (John) introduced me and I have now had the bug for just over 3 months. I activate every Saturday morning and have evven started my own Blog.


Hi Paul

Congratulations on the 100 points, that’s a flying start - you’ve obviously got the bug :smile:


PS I like your blog too…

Not always easy to achieve this goal quickly if like me you only have low points summits in your area… i have yet to reach the 100 point level myself even if already 24 activations in the bag.

But nevertheless the important thing is to have fun !


Good start… btw I like your portable Moxon set-up is there a write up on it’s construction somewhere?
Richard // N2GBR

Well done on the first 100. It took me years to get to 100. I think the first 100 are the hardest. Your still learning your procedures and what works for you on an activation.
Hope to catch you on the air sometime.

Hello Paul. Many Congratulations. You deserve every point. It is always a great pleasure to meet you on the radio and also to read your blogs. Thanks for all the chaser points that you have given me. Very well done with your latest Activation under such bad weather conditions, to qualify the summit and make the QSO with EI9GLB.
May I include, in my congratulations, your son, Jamie, you two make a great team.
Best Wishes to you both. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

Hi Richard,

Take a look at the write up for the one I built last year:

Gerald (g4oig) has a different slant on one in that post too.

Well done on the 100 points Paul… :slight_smile: Took me ages to do the same, and I’m still not much further on now!



Well done Paul.

Nice to speak to you yesterday when you were on Moel Llyfnant and I loved looking at your blog …a few brrr activations on it :slight_smile: …should get better from now on. Looking forward to a few s2s with you in the months ahead.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Richard
Do you mean the 2M or 20M?

Both were taken from the Moxon generator calculator for the measurements, don’t forget that the calculator does not allow for velocity factor of the cable so built it a little smaller. The 20M moxon was made with a few bits of aluminium I purchased from a local wholesaler and the cable I have been using is

The poles are 7m fiber glass fishing poles from my local market store @ £7.00 each, I just took out the last section (too thin) and cut the then end section with a small hacksaw to the required length. So once the alloy sections are put together the poles mounted on the frame with reusable cable ties, then the wire pushed through the poles and use a few cable block connectors with some strimmer cable to insulate the director and reflector from each other. Then up goes the poles and hay presto a nice light weight portable 20m beam. I have had contacts to USA and Canada with the FT 817 and 5 watts.

Sorry if this does not read correct :smile:
I hope this is what you are after. I can take a few more photos of step by step if you require. The whole thing is about 5kgs including the mast and takes me about 20 - 30 minutes to erect.

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How many kilowatts do you run on an activation?


lol I have been told that by my friend John M0JZH. I like the cable and I dont think it is that heavy :slight_smile:
My 5 watts is plenty and I must admit that I have not tried any other cable.

Congrats, well done. I have yet to activate anything, only just started - looking forward to summer activations. Cheers on the Signal Corps achivement, nice cap and Signals logo - Certa Cito.