My Favourite Lake District Summit

Phil @G4OBK commented on the air today that St Sunday Crag G/LD-010 is one of his favourite LD summits. Mine too.

Doing G/LD-010 and G/LD-007 around Christmas time has become a bit of a tradition for me. Last time I was deep in snow, this time just the remnants of last weekends snow.

Usual route for me, up at 6am (I don’t have a problem sleeping @M1BUU Colin unless it is a new summit or route), at Dunmail Raise 7am, at Grisedale Tarn 7.30am via head torch. Moon was up, and it proved to be a spectacular sunrise.

Grisedale Tarn

Setting Moon

I wasn’t carrying any water - I had the Sawyer Filter with me, so filled up on the stream coming off Seat Sandal. This would add appreciable weight to the rucksack, but with no prospect of water after the tarn it was a necessary evil. On the trek to Deepdale Hause the sun rose and bathed Helvellyn in a beautiful red light.

Early risers on Helvellyn

Mandatory Lake District Sheep Photo

Approaching St Sunday Crag

The views today were amazing, both due to air clarity and the blanket of fog that seemed to blanket most low lying lands, lakes and the sea. There was a light wind on the summit, but not particularly cold.

View towards Ullswater

View towards Morecambe Bay

For radio I had the FT-817, external 3 cell LifePo4s, SOTABeams Band Hopper IV with a 60m link and Decathlon 6m travel pole. Propagation was very kind to my 5 watts. VHF activation via a Spectrum Communications Slim-J and Yaesu FT1XD. 40m was working especially well for inter-G.

09:21 MW3UDA 2m FM 59 59 Gareth
09:24 G6AEK 2m FM 59 54 Dave
09:48 MW0RWX/P 2m FM 59 59 Robert SOTA GW/NW-044
09:50 G0LWU 2m FM 59 59 Andrew Charles Scar
09:52 M7MCG 2m FM 59 59 Mick
09:53 GW4ZPL 2m FM 59 55 Colin John Barwell
09:55 G8CPZ 2m FM 59 57 AJ Barth
10:00 SA4BLM 20m SSB 59 57 Lars Markus
10:01 EA2CCG 20m SSB 59 57 Joaquín Montoya Jim
10:01 DJ5AV 20m SSB 59 57 Michael Oerter
10:01 F4WBN 20m SSB 59 59 Christian SAINT-ARR
10:01 SQ9MDF 20m SSB 59 55 Leszek
10:01 HB9MKV 20m SSB 59 55 RUDOLF (Rudi) WARTL
11:02 SV2RUJ 20m SSB 59 55 Stavros Triadafyllo
10:03 F5JKK 20m SSB 59 59 Éric JAUCH
10:03 SQ9NOT 20m SSB 59 59 WIOLETTA
10:04 S57ILF 20m SSB 59 44 FRANCI LOGAR
10:05 EA2IF 20m SSB 59 59 Op. Guru .
10:05 OM1AX 20m SSB 59 59 VLADO RABEK
10:06 SM5LNE 20m SSB 59 55 Jan Skoldin
10:06 OE3GGS 20m SSB 59 59 Gustav Gambs
10:07 EA2EVC 20m SSB 59 45 Óscar López
10:08 EA2DDG 20m SSB 59 57 Jose Maria Gonzalez
10:08 EA2EVM 20m SSB 59 59 Cesareo Garcia Andr
10:09 OE2CUM 20m SSB 59 57 Christoph FUERSTAUE
10:09 OE6RCD 20m SSB 59 57 ROLAND ROBIC
10:10 S57JJ 20m SSB 54 57 JANEZ JERIN
10:11 EA3HP/P 20m SSB 59 59 Daniel Horta Fortun SOTA EA3/GI-044
10:14 G0FEX 40m SSB 59 59 KEN PORTER
10:15 2E0VRX 40m SSB 59 59 Craig Bradley
10:16 EA2DT 40m SSB 57 53 Manuel
10:16 M0JLA 40m SSB 59 59 Rod M0JLA
10:17 G4OBK 40m SSB 59 59 Philip (Phil) Catte
10:18 GI4OSF 40m SSB 59 59 John McNiece
10:18 G0RQL 40m SSB 59 59 DON ROOMES
10:19 GM4ZMK 40m SSB 58 57 Richard Coyle
10:20 G4OOE 40m SSB 59 59 A.R.N. (Nick) LANGM
10:21 G4WSB 40m SSB 59 59 Bill Bowditch
10:21 EA2CE 40m SSB 59 44 Jose Esteban Brizue
10:22 G0KKQ 40m SSB 59 59 Edward John Birch
10:22 G4YBU 40m SSB 59 59 Time
10:23 GI4SZW 40m SSB 59 59 Shamus
10:23 M0BKV 40m SSB 59 57 DAMIAN KAMM
10:24 2E0FEH 40m SSB 59 59 Karl Kruger
10:24 G5GIH 40m SSB 59 59 Gary Horobin
10:25 GM4WHA 40m SSB 55 59 GEOFF HARPER
10:25 2E0ESY 40m SSB 59 59 MIKE Clitheroe
10:25 G4IAR 40m SSB 59 59 Dave BROOKS
10:26 DK1HKU 40m SSB 59 55 Horst Kurte
10:26 SP3J 40m SSB 57 59 Janusz Miekus
10:27 MI7WJL 40m SSB 58 57 William John Little
10:28 G4IPB 40m SSB 59 57 PJ HODGKINSON
10:28 SQ9MDF 40m SSB 58 44 Leszek
10:29 2E0BTR 40m SSB 59 59 Geoff Passey
10:30 PE1RMO 40m SSB 59 55 Jan Keus
10:30 G8CPZ 40m SSB 58 55 AJ Barth
10:37 G8CPZ 60m SSB 59 59 AJ Barth
10:40 G3TQQ/P 60m SSB 59 59 Dave SOTA G/TW-004
10:42 G6PJZ 60m SSB 59 55 Andy Clift
10:43 G4HPE 60m SSB 59 59 Steve
10:44 M1TES 60m SSB 55 55 James
10:45 G4TJC 60m SSB 59 49 Simon J MELHUISH
10:46 M0BKV 60m SSB 59 59 DAMIAN KAMM
10:49 2E0AGB 80m SSB 59 59 Allen Gower Boocock
10:50 G6PJZ 80m SSB 59 55 Andy Clift
10:51 GI0AZA 80m SSB 59 55 Esther JM Harper
10:52 G8CPZ 80m SSB 56 42 AJ Barth

NATS dome near Cross Fell

I was sure I was looking at the Welsh Mountains, contrasting above the white ocean fog and just at the range of the Panasonic TZ-70.

Welsh Mountains, but which ones?

The traverse back to Fairfield via Cofa Pike provides for magnificent views back to St Sunday Crag.

Cofa Pike

Grisedale Tarn

Wild swimmer (he didn’t last long!)

Great Gable

Views from Fairfield were magnificent to the South and West, lots of photo opportunities of strange islands of land in the sea of fog!

Kirkby Moor Wind Farm

The Hoad Monument at Ulverston

Old Man of Coniston

Much more foot traffic on Fairfield, with a few inquiring who knew something of HF radio, for a change!

Radio was brisk again, and whilst I was very happy with the performance of my 5 watts the loud US stations made me long for the FT-857. Not practical for this trip!

12:25 G1OHH 2m FM 59 59 Susan Griffin
12:27 GW4ZPL 2m FM 59 59 Colin John Barwell
12:27 M7MGO/P 2m FM 55 55 Richard
12:27 G3XMG 2m FM 59 59 Mike
12:29 M7MCG 2m FM 54 55 Mick
12:30 G4MYU 2m FM 58 52 Art
12:30 G6AEK 2m FM 59 59 David Molyneux
12:32 G0MHF 2m FM 59 59 JOHN L BISSON
12:33 G4WHA/M 2m FM 59 56 G HARPER
12:34 M1DYU 2m FM 59 59 Garry
12:35 2E0XUP 2m FM 59 59 Stephen Davison
12:36 G7CDA 2m FM 58 56 Douggie Lancaster
12:36 2E0AGB 2m FM 55 59 Allen Gower Boocock
12:37 G4OBK 2m FM 58 55 Philip (Phil) Catte
12:38 G7SXR 2m FM 59 54 Mark
12:42 SA4BLM 20m SSB 59 59 Lars Markus
12:42 EA1DHB 20m SSB 59 55 Ricardo Pena
12:42 F4WBN 20m SSB 59 59 Christian SAINT-ARR
12:43 OH3GZ 20m SSB 57 59 JUKKA " Jack " KOVA
12:43 EA7GV 20m SSB 59 52 JOSE L. MENJIBAR
12:44 OK1SDE 20m SSB 59 44 Dalibor ( Borek ) W
12:45 EA2CCG 20m SSB 53 55 Joaquín Montoya Jim
12:46 EB5TT 20m SSB 59 43 FRANK DE VYLDER
12:47 EA5/DJ2TG/P 20m SSB 58 55 Thomas Graeve SOTA EA5/AT-030
12:48 EA2DT 20m SSB 58 55 Manuel
12:49 M7BIA/P 20m SSB 56 44 Martin SOTA G/SP-004
12:53 M7TLT 40m SSB 53 59 Tim Thomas SOTA G/SC-007
12:55 MW0RWX/P 40m SSB 59 59 Robert Wassili SOTA GW/NW-051
12:56 G4OOE 40m SSB 59 59 A.R.N. (Nick) LANGM
12:57 G0FEX 40m SSB 59 59 KEN PORTER
12:58 G0FVH 40m SSB 58 55 David
12:58 HB9CLT 40m SSB 59 42 Thomas Rapold
12:59 ON2LVC 40m SSB 53 57 Luc Van Campenhout
12:59 M0DXT 40m SSB 59 59 Bill
13:00 EI2IJB/M 40m SSB 59 59 Ron
13:02 G3TQQ/P 40m SSB 59 59 J . DAVID ( DAVE ) SOTA G/TW-004
13:02 HB9EAJ/P 40m SSB 57 59 Stephan Schmid SOTA DM/BW-001
13:03 G4YBU 40m SSB 59 59 TIM PRICE
13:04 MW0OFA 40m SSB 59 59 Frank Hearne
13:04 GI0AZA 40m SSB 59 59 Esther JM Harper
13:05 G0UXC 40m SSB 59 56 Peter
13:05 M0BKV 40m SSB 59 57 DAMIAN KAMM
13:06 G6NHW 40m SSB 59 57 Pete
13:06 M0JLA 40m SSB 59 59 Rod M0JLA
13:07 2E0FEH 40m SSB 58 58 Karl Kruger
13:07 PA7RA 40m SSB 59 59 Rien Aarden
13:07 2E0BTR 40m SSB 59 59 Geoff Passey
13:07 EA3Y 40m SSB 57 55 Manel Lopez Sanchez
13:08 G8CPZ 40m SSB 59 56 AJ Barth
13:09 G3YZY 40m SSB 59 59 Howard
13:10 2E0LDF 40m SSB 59 33
13:11 G4KIV 40m SSB 59 59 Steve
13:13 2W0FLW 40m SSB 59 59 Derek A Flewin
13:13 G0RQL 40m SSB 59 59 DON ROOMES
13:41 OE6ADE/P 20m SSB 55 54 Andy Andreas Domani SOTA OE/SB-179
13:48 DJ5AV 20m SSB 59 56 Michael Oerter
13:49 S57S 20m SSB 59 59 ALEKSANDER ZAGAR
13:49 IU3GKJ 20m SSB 59 56 Riccardo Bolognesi
13:51 9A/S57MS/P 20m SSB 55 51 Marko SOTA 9A/PH-031
13:51 DL2HWI 20m SSB 57 55 Dietmar Falkenberg
13:55 G7KSE/P 2m FM 59 59 Alex Hill SOTA G/LD-028
14:03 EA2IF/P 30m CW 559 559 Op. Guru . SOTA EA2/NV-032

Some lovely S2S in there, and finishing up I had to be patient to get Guru @EA2IF in the log as he was working a monster pileup.

Not sure what this was in the distance, possibly the Isle of Man

The stillness of Grisedale Tarn provided a perfect mirror of the surrounding mountains.

The Battery on Helm Crag

Dawn to Dusk, 22 SOTA Points, some wonderful radio, and wonderful mountains.

All photos here.
Regards, Mark.


What got him: one of the local Anacondas or Crocodiles ?

Cross Fell but that’s what you meant to type.

The pictures of the Welsh mountains look “wrong”. They seem too big or near. Is this some mirage effect where the inversion if causing them to be higher in the sky than normal?

The WX was like that yesterday here but today the cloud has touched the ground all day, proper anti-cyclonic gloom. Not that I’ve been able to get out to play for some time. We had some new windows fitted at home and I had to dismantle the shack and then rebuild it after the the windows were in. 1st time in 21 years and the amount of dross I have binned is unreal. I have to get this finished before Christmas or Mrs. FMF will be upset and won’t cooking me any Turkey. I reckon getting out yesterday even to just The Pentland would have been brilliant so I shall enjoy your views instead!


I can only add 2 things.
Firstly those photographs are beyond magnificent!
Secondly, St Sunday crag is my favourite hill. Best absorbed as the sun sets. with a torchlight completion into the pub!



I thought I was missing something - those were all of the Panasonic TZ-70, missed the ones on the phone, so I’ve added a few more. It was hard not to take a decent photo today.

RE: Pub, I looked longingly at every one I passed!

Thanks, Mark.

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Thank you very much for calling in for the only S2S I made today. It was a big joy to QSO with you and wish you Merry Xmas on the air.
Regarding the monster pile-up, it was a lot of fun today and logged 84 QSOs in a bit more than 2 hours. I worked 20, 30 and 40m all CW. Including 11 DX North-America.
A detailed report will be published in due curse.



So much impressive pictures, thanks. I guess more time for the photos than for QSO?

73, Ludwig

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Amazing photos and amazing activations.

There’s an app called Peak Finder which you use by holding your phone up to the horizon and it will identify the summits you can see. I’ve used it a few times and it works once you’ve calibrated the phone’s compass.


Good evening Mark @M0NOM.

Thanks for the report and the really nice photos. The view and atmosphere are indescribable :+1::mountain_snow::slightly_smiling_face:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks Mark for your activation report and great photos. Well done :+1:

Cheers to you :beers:

Regards Geoff vk3sq


That photo was taken at full zoom on the TZ-70. I thought I’d see if the Snowdonia mountains would be visible in Google Earth, and would appear to be the case, so I think this is a photo of them. I’ve never recognised them before as such, the inversion just made them really stand out. I know from conducting line of sight experiments that technically the top of Snowdon is line-of-sight with a place about 5 mins drive from my home QTH.


Cheers, Mark


That’s rather hoopy frood indeed Mark. It must be the white top of the inversion that makes them seem bigger.


After seeing those photos Mark, one feels like bursting into the song “Oh what a beautiful morning”… fabulous!

73 Phil

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It takes a good eye to compose a good photo - a badly composed photo will not be satisfying no matter how well exposed or focussed it might be. Some of yours are truly outstanding!


How true - photos like these made me stop carrying my camera; I just don’t have the eye for it.

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What a fantastic day, Mark, and superb photos to record it. Thanks for the contacts; your 817 was really doing the job.

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I had to Altavista this. I thought it was a Scottish thing. In an job interview back in the 90s I was told that if you didn’t know who the caterers were on the Vogan Constructor Fleet then you weren’t a proper software engineer.

I didn’t trust the guy as they were using Amstrad 1512 PCs to do their development, but the comment stuck with me.

No I didn’t know the answer.


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Beautiful photos again Mark. I couldn’t answer your question I’m afraid, there are so many “favourites”! Some are spectacular for their size or challenge or just for the views.

I had one of those many, many years ago. It was, let’s be honest, rubbish. Mine had been hot-rodded with a V30 CPU upgrade. I also acquired a Newbury Data 60MB “Penny” 3.5in disk that was amazingly fast compared to the standard 1512 20MB disk or any of the drives on 20/32MB Western Digital Hard cards. But it needed an external PSU as the 1512 PSU couldn’t do the job. In the best tradition, the PSU was an open frame switcher sat on the bench. One day doing some construction, I cut the end of a capacitor wire lead and the off-cut flew across the shack landing in the PSU. There was a bang and flash. White smoke was released and the shack breaker popped. On restore the PSU was no more and neither was the Penny. I cried and went back to a slow disk :frowning:

Brian said the same about my photos. I wasn’t sure I was doing anything special with photos but now accept that maybe I have the ability as you do to frame the photo well without actually understanding or knowing. I’m no David Bailey so it could just be 1% talent and 99% luck still. However, we both use Panasonic TZ cameras with Leica lenses and I have to say that putting my TZ into Auto-Everything mode results in me taking better photos, so it is the TZ! Occasionally I play with the other modes but I get lost because there are so many zillions of settings and adjustments to make, so back to Auto-Everything.

I used to love my fully manual film SLR. You framed and focussed then decided what to do and selected aperture or shutter for that and faffed with the other setting till the TTL lightmeter gave a green light. Or with Fuji print film, overexpose by 1/2 a stop more. Fuji gave more saturated colours than Kodak colour print. I did one roll of Kodachrome-25 in my camera in the mid-80s. I cannot find the slides now which is a shame because the colours and results were orders of magnitude better than anything else I did with film.

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