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Hi Brian,

I decided to open this topic because I need to answer your below post:

Your linked post text I repeat below:
Obviously, the MT. My personal take on the application was that it was based on a run of winters that were too short and quite possibly a statistical anomaly, a blip. Anomalous runs can last for several years and then revert to what was previously normal, and it was an unusually long time since the last major El Nino. We listen to advice, we don’t always take it. In this case I suggested waiting to see if the weather pattern reverts.

My answer is below:

Thank you for your post Brian @G8ADD

I think I need to repeat what I written a bit earlier in closed thread.

In bonus altitude matter is chances inequality between activators in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.

Bonus altitude is respectively 700 / 700 / 1000 m

Mountains mostly the same, winter conditions mostly the same …

Some summits are the same - examples below:

SP/BZ-035 - no bonus, before it was also OK/MO-056 with bonus
SP/BZ-036 - no bonus, before it was also OK/MO-016 with bonus
SP/BZ-073 - no bonus, now inactive - we have it now as OK/MO-061 with bonus
SP/BZ-017 - no bonus, now inactive - we have it now as OM/ZA-059 with bonus
SP/BS-001 - no bonus, before it was also OM/PO-033 with bonus
SP/BS-004 - no bonus, now inactive - we have it now as OM/PO-040 with bonus
SP/BS-018 - no bonus, before it was also OM/PO-043 with bonus

In total :
SOTA SP has 62 bonus summits of 211 - it is 29 % - bonus altitude 1000 m
SOTA OK has 134 bons summits of 230 - it is 58 % - bonus altitude 700 m
SOTA OM has 305 bonus summits of 370 - it is 85 % - bonus altitude 700 m

Repeat: mountains mostly the same, winter conditions mostly the same …

To make things clear - the goal of this post is not to change anything in SOTA OK and SOTA OM.

Above mentioned examples of summits are only part - in fact there are much more of them.

Why so big difference of chances ?

It was my the most important question and SOTA SP community discussed it on special anniversary meeting on April 01, 2023

Finally the community (a few dozen of people) decided to find compromise altitude 850 m - it was a subject of application to MT.
It was no discussion about another countries like Hungary (bonus altitude 600 m) or Romania (500 m). It was just comparison Poland with Czech and Slovakia due to the same mountains crossed by borders of our countries.

If we are talking about the same summits but “belonging” to different associations, any divagations about winter conditions, statistical anomalies, weather patterns and so on are at least strange, if not unacceptable.

After double references of border summits cancelling, summits remained in OK and OM have a winter bonus, and those that remained in SP do not have a winter bonus.
These are the same summits, but in OK and OM the bonus is counted from 700m, and in SP from 1000m (I requested 700m, the SOTA SP meeting after discussion agreed that we will go down from 1000m to 850m - I repeat what I said above).
Inequality of opportunities will remain, but it will not be as drastic as it is now.

However, reading your quoted post, I have doubts whether the application was sent to MT was based on the application submitted by me and, after discussion, accepted by the SOTA SP meeting of a few dozen of people on April 1, 2023, or maybe it was some other application that omitted the most important thing which is inequality of chances when we activate the same summits - of course “the same summits” are just example of this strange situation but for summits located a few kilometers aside have the same gap.

I have doubts because content of the SOTA SP AM correspondence sent to MT is secret (not only in this case !) for the SOTA SP community.

You said: Obviously, the MT.
So I did it here.

73, Jarek