Mull's Munro: GM/SI-003 Ben More: Monday 25th June 2018

It was another sunny day with a forecast for it to be hot, but cooler (16 degrees C) at Munro level, so we made our target Mull’s only Munro. We drove the relatively short distance along the scenic coast road to the parking on the foreshore below Dhiseig. There were several cars already there but still plenty of space for us. There was a slight breeze at the start, and we headed up the “tourist” route, a track to Dhiseig, and then an initially grassy path which headed past waterfalls on Abhainn Dhiseig to a rickety stile in a fence, from where were followed a path through rough terrain. There were various parties spread out along the path, most faster than us, but some slower. The path narrowed to a crossing of Abhainn Dhiseig and then gently moved away from the stream to head up the ridge becoming quite barren with a few zig zags as we got close to the summit. One of the guide books had suggested that some “mild scrambling” was needed but we didn’t notice any!

Starting at Sea level

Vapour trail above Ben More

Nearly there: with Ulva and Eorsa in background

Summit ahead

The views from the summit were very good, although there was a distant haze with a little cloud over the Ross of Mull. The summit shelter and immediate surrounds were busy: we looked for a trig point but found no sign of one (we had noticed on an old map, but not on recent maps so guess if there was one it has long gone). We looked for somewhere to set up to be out of the way and headed slightly south from the summit. It was a little warm but a pleasant light breeze kept the midges away. Radio conditions were reasonably good, and this was the only hill on Mull where Caroline qualified the summit on both 2m and 70cms FM as well as 20m SSB. Martyn qualified it on 60m (just – only 4 contacts) and 40m. We both had 5 S2S including with Tom and Jimmy Read on Sark on 20m, and 2m FM S2Ses with Robin GM7PKT on SI-123 on Mull (definitely line of sight) and Derek 2E0MIX on Scafell Pike.

At the summit

At the summit

At the summit

Looking down Glen More

VHF station with Jura in distance

Both stations looking towards Ross of Mull

Zoomed into Jura

The descent roughly followed the ascent but we ended up crossing the stream a little lower down, and finding a more attractive path running closer to the stream to lead us back to the rickety stile. A really lovely but exhausting day on the hills.

Looking back at the summit on descent


Looks like there’s not much left looking at the pictures on

OS 1:10,000 mapping shows it still, but not smaller scales.

Thanks for the nice report Caroline. That’s one for the to-do list. :sunny:

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There were some stones in the shelter which were probably the remains: it was busy so we didn’t venture in.

Several people have told us we were lucky with the weather and it’s rare to see Ben More clear of cloud. Some cloud did make a brief appearance


All these accounts are luring me back… :wink: Besides, I have yet to visit Iona.

Its a lovely mountain!

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Several people have asked us if we got to Iona, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any summits, and I had a particular reason for wanting to do at least 8 summits in the 6 days we had on Mull and the hot weather slowed us down reducing the number of 2 summit days. Iona will be on the to do list for a future visit.

gorgeous pictures. reminds me I need to get out walking and activating again. Had a few issues with one of my knees this year so kept it low key with just golf being the exercise of choice. No niggles from my knee in months now so these pics are definitely inspiring me to get out there.

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Ah, yes.
Congratulations, Caroline, on the 500 uniques.
It will take me a long time to get there, if ever.
Hope to speak before too long.
73 to you both,

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Fabulous photos and helps me better understand what the landscape is like.

Beyond activating, I’m looking forward to whisky tasting on Islay and Jura!

The Jura distillery has just massively revamped its range. I’ve not had a chance to try any of the newer blends yet.

I don’t have many completes but all of those in picture are.

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Road trip!!