Mt Herman WØ/FR-063 (6-pts) 1 May 2010 @1500 UTC

Rooster & Peanut plus Steve-wG0AT will be activating a W0-Colorado peak for SOTA for the first time ever! We plan to be on Mt Herman SOTA W0/FR-063 (6-points)
Date: 1 May 2010 @1500 UTC
Freqs: 14062 and 21062
Real time QRV info via APRS:
Monitoring UHF-IRLP node#3043 but giving priority to HF QSOs!

Plans to camp for 2nd day may be foiled by weather:

K2 with 2-element vertical beaming EU

Hope to have successful activation, Steve/R&P

In reply to WG0AT: Maybe Peanut or Rooster could nudge that beam towards Alberta once in awhile! Good luck and have “FUN”!


In reply to WG0AT:
Great news Steve, Are you alerting your activation on the upcoming activations?

What is the 2 element vertical your going to be using? I am sure your activation will be more than successful with loads of chasers/S2S. Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:
Sean as soon as W0 shows up in the database I’ll be using the Alert tool but till then I’ll use the reflector for my alert posts

The 2-element vertical is nothing more than 2-Buddipole verticals aka vertical dipoles. One active as driven, one passive reflector.

Conditions were pretty fair today I was hearing many EU/QRP stations but unable to work them from home. I hope for better luck at 2750 meters on Mt Herman?


In reply to VA6FUN:
By all means I will look for some “FUN” RF from the north!


In reply to WG0AT:
Interesting…“2 element vertical”…

Why use a reflector instead of a director? I would think that by using a reflector instead of a director you are loosing at least one band on the low side as directors are shorter then reflectors…

I will be listening for you!


Updated info from Steve -

The weather is too bad for an overnight stay. He will be QRV Saturday for the CW chasers from 1500 UTC until grain-thirty. Freqs: 14062, 18090 and 21062, and will return on Sunday 2-May for SSB OPs.

Real time QRV updates via APRS:

Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:
Tks Les!

Old goat just tossed us the morning hay which means we’ll be on the trail soon! A goat’s got to have some breakfast before he goes to work!

73, Peanut

In reply to WG0AT:

Barely worked him on 14.0619 cw at 15:30 utc


In reply to N2YTF:
Tom…I see W0/FR-063 won’t go through on a spot…I take it thats why you spotted Steve on a W2 summit. I now notice other spots and log entries showing Steve on the W2 summit. He was on Mount Herman as shown on his aprs…correct???


In reply to VA6FUN:

Yep he was on Mt Herman…I did not spot him that way…

I did notice that although I could not spot him properly, I was able to enter him into my chaser log and did get credit…although I don’t know when the summit becomes official.


In reply to N2YTF:
Hi Tom…yeh…I couldn’t spot the W0 summit either…but it did go in my chaser log. I started another Reflector topic as I noticed at least one log entry that uses the W2 summit …hope the other chasers see it and correct their logs! I didn’t figure Rooster or Peanut had convinced Steve to buy them a first class ticket to fly to W2 land this morning…Hi Hi


In reply to VA6FUN:
Na ah ah ah …Us goats were having FUN at 9030’ Colorado style on Mt Herman.

WOW! for our first SOTA event it was super! With (3)S-2-S W6S, VE6FUN, & N2YTF! 30+ QSOs, 2-DX(EU) QSOs …Goats are still mumbling about what an incredible awesome day it was on the mountain! Woohoo! …going back up tomorrow this time earlier to catch the EU opening hopefully!

73, from US SOTA-Goats S+R&P

In reply to WG0AT:
Na ah ah ah we’re having FUN! Just had to throw in a reminder that I’m a VA6 not VE…happens all the time. Hope to work you tomorrow…I sure got to get my copy speed up a notch! Thanks for the FUN!


In reply to VA6FUN: Mike got it correct in our log! CU in the AM, Peanut
01-05-2010 1505 W3BBO 20m 559 559 PA Bob
01-05-2010 1507 N7UN 20m 559 559 NJ Guy
01-05-2010 1507 W3FF 20m 559 559 CA Budd
01-05-2010 1511 N8IJG 20m 559 559 OH Bill
01-05-2010 1512 N2YTF 20m 559 559 NY Tom S2S!!!
01-05-2010 1514 WD4MSM 20m 559 559 IN Barry
01-05-2010 1514 W7TMD 20m 559 559 ID Tom
01-05-2010 1517 WA6LTV 20m 559 559 GA Chuck
01-05-2010 1519 WORW 20m 559 559 CO Paul
01-05-2010 1521 VA6FUN 20m 559 559 AB Mike S2S!!
01-05-2010 1524 KD8GZ 20m 559 559 OH Ray
01-05-2010 1525 N9SKN 20m 559 559 IL Aaron
01-05-2010 1528 K6ACJ 20m 559 559 CA Bill
01-05-2010 1533 W0OOW 20m 559 559 MO Steve
01-05-2010 1615 W6S 20m 559 559 CA Stu S2S on L
01-05-2010 1620 W5USJ 20m 559 559 TX CHuck
01-05-2010 1622 G3WPF 20m 559 559 UK Reg
01-05-2010 1625 KB4QQJ 20m 559 559 NC Randy
01-05-2010 1628 9A7W 20m 559 559 Croat Ozren
01-05-2010 1630 K1RV 20m 559 559 MA Pi
01-05-2010 1631 VE2JCW 20m 559 559 QC Jean
01-05-2010 1631 W0IIT 20m 559 559 KS Bill
01-05-2010 1634 W3HZZ 20m 559 559 GA Phil
01-05-2010 1637 OZ8SW 20m 559 559 DEMRK Steen
01-05-2010 1644 ND1U 20m 559 559 IN Barry
01-05-2010 1645 WA9ETW 20m 559 559 WI Mark
01-05-2010 1645 N5KIP 20m 559 559 LA Dick
01-05-2010 1654 AJ8P 20m 559 559 OH Jeff
01-05-2010 1658 W1PID 20m 559 559 NH Jim
01-05-2010 1715 K9NK 20m 559 559 IL Norm
01-05-2010 1720 K4QS 20m 559 559 VA CHuck
01-05-2010 1725 HA7??U 20m 559 559

In reply to WG0AT:
Hate to burst your bubble Peanut…but our QSO was not S2S…I’m just a Shack Sloth this weekend!


In reply to WG0AT:
UGH same here…Sunday I will be out in the sun…today I was shack bound…not S2S

73 de Tom,

Hi Steve,

I’ve noticed that you only entered one of your SOTA qso’s in to the database, I wonder why that is?

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:
Hi Jimmy, We’re trying to figure out how to enter all 40-QSOs without doing it manually!

In reply to WG0AT:

We’re trying to figure out how to enter all 40-QSOs without doing it manually!

Get Rooster and Peanut to do it for you.