Mt. Bouquet F/CR-220 - 28/03/2021

Hi all,

What a beautiful Sunday to go out and make some radio !
Planed to go on Mt. Bouquet F/CR-220 at 95km drive from home.

There are many towers at the top including a 60m big TV tower,it does not interfere with HF but with VHF it is harder :pensive:
It is also a paragliding spot, and when I arrived there was none but the situation quickly changed… lot of mosquito around :mosquito: :parachute:

Another view from north

The setup was my FT-817ND 5w into an EFHW between 2 trees


FCR220 map

No NA worked despite the RBN reports.
Here a video from Roger @F5LKW/P who was in F/CR-204.

many thanks Roger :+1:

Was trying VHF too but can’t copy many stations, only one ! Roger recorded my signals in this short video.

I think I was deaf with the proximity of the TV transmitter and moreover my squelch was badly adjusted :frowning_face:
You can see the 134km path between us.

To finish a beautiful panorama

I was finally able to catch the little fox that follows me everywhere, on the way back to the " Col du Bourricot " - read Donkey col :rofl:

Many thanks all chasers

73, Éric


Nice for sharing your part of paradise !
Thanks for nice s2s and we will succeed VHF QSO next time.

73 Roger

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Thanks for the heads-up about this activation Éric so I could try for the complete. Sadly I wasn’t able to try chasing on Sunday so I will have to wait a bit longer for this one.

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