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MS0TA - That's A New One!


Well Andy you kept that one quiet. Good one! (though maybe not so good on CW, a lot of dahs - hi!)

And wonder if any of us GM - SOTA types can use it?

Wx not looking too good for tomorrow. Will keep an eye if you will be out & about!



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prob meant to be M5OTA


No Karl,

Me thinks it’s a GM Club call with a two letter suffix. Think Ofcom are now issuing these two letter suffixes?


Yes, Jack is right, it is a 2 letter club callsign. So the basic call is M0TA. In Scotland that would be MM0TA (which is not good on the key) but as it is a club callsign, the club secondary letters can be used (S,C, X, N, T, P) which makes MS0TA. Hey that’s got an interesting look to it :slight_smile:

Club calls using the other letters have been around since when I was licenced in 1990. The real change is Ofcom started reissuing old sequence callsigns a few months back, last October I think, when someone was issued a previously unallocated G5+2 callsign. 3 phone calls, 1 email and £20 later I have an apt club callsign.


My S0TA Club Scotland Andy?!

Wasn’t me :smiley:


I can see some log confusion coming up between quickly written (scribbled) M5OTA and MS0TA in the future!

73 Ed…

Only to the deaf or dyslexic! There’s also GS0TA and G5OTA to consider. Yes, it’s a thing to look for especially as two letter calls are the exception in the UK.

I was looking forward to getting out and using it tomorrow but the WX is looking hard work. It should be dry and / or sunny but the wind speed is predicted as averaging 24mphand gusting to 40mph at sea level not 700m. I’d expect them to 20-30mph stronger at height. :frowning: This just the periphery of Storm Freya which is blowing in over the next 48 hrs.