MS0TA - That's A New One!


Well Andy you kept that one quiet. Good one! (though maybe not so good on CW, a lot of dahs - hi!)

And wonder if any of us GM - SOTA types can use it?

Wx not looking too good for tomorrow. Will keep an eye if you will be out & about!




prob meant to be M5OTA


No Karl,

Me thinks it’s a GM Club call with a two letter suffix. Think Ofcom are now issuing these two letter suffixes?


Yes, Jack is right, it is a 2 letter club callsign. So the basic call is M0TA. In Scotland that would be MM0TA (which is not good on the key) but as it is a club callsign, the club secondary letters can be used (S,C, X, N, T, P) which makes MS0TA. Hey that’s got an interesting look to it :slight_smile:

Club calls using the other letters have been around since when I was licenced in 1990. The real change is Ofcom started reissuing old sequence callsigns a few months back, last October I think, when someone was issued a previously unallocated G5+2 callsign. 3 phone calls, 1 email and £20 later I have an apt club callsign.


My S0TA Club Scotland Andy?!

Wasn’t me :smiley:


I can see some log confusion coming up between quickly written (scribbled) M5OTA and MS0TA in the future!

73 Ed…

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Only to the deaf or dyslexic! There’s also GS0TA and G5OTA to consider. Yes, it’s a thing to look for especially as two letter calls are the exception in the UK.

I was looking forward to getting out and using it tomorrow but the WX is looking hard work. It should be dry and / or sunny but the wind speed is predicted as averaging 24mphand gusting to 40mph at sea level not 700m. I’d expect them to 20-30mph stronger at height. :frowning: This just the periphery of Storm Freya which is blowing in over the next 48 hrs.

Friday 15 November 2019

MS0TA/P on GM/WS-146
+/-45mins time on summit depends on wx (Posted by MM0FMF/P)
5‑7‑10‑14‑cw 5‑7‑14‑ssb

Great callsign - it jumps out of the screen at you.

Not as many dahs as MM0FMF or MM0ALC - the latter being mine after I got my ‘Class A’ license. I tended to doze off halfway through keying it. My old G8 callsign has more rhythm.

Now, I wonder if I could get a Western Sahara “S0” license with “TA” …

The best way to avoid such confusion is always writing the number zero as Ø.



The call is M0TA.

It only works because a) it’s a UK club callsign and b) the regional prefix for a club in Scotland is S. That means it becomes MS0TA in Scotland. It almost works in England (MX0TA) and doesn’t work well elsewhere (MP0TA, MNOTA, MC0TA etc. :wink:

When I checked with Ofcom, G0TA was still available which becomes GS0TA or GX0TA. G5OTA was avilable too. You have to pay £20 (cheap to drop extra dashes in my case) and apply manually as the automated system does not support these shorter calls.

WX looking not too bad for tomorrow, I have a load of unused vacation (because we didn’t go abroad this November as a family… because BREXIT) so I’m using up the days on some activations when the WX looks good.

Same here. I’ll be without a car tomorrow (Friday 15th) while the garage tries to prolong the life of my ancient Passat. So, with all this recent talk about bike activations I might try cycling to my local summit (Arnside Knott, G/LD-058) which is 486km from Beinn a’Chrulaiste, GM/WS-146. That should be fine for 5-cw with my 10W, maybe even for 7-cw if the skip distance is short enough around mid-day.

Or, I might be lazy and run QRO from the shack instead.

Stop being a big softy and get out and play :wink:

WX for where I will be tomorrow:


WX for your part of the world:


(Images © Met Office 2019)

Yeah, it will be fun to bike it to Arnside Knott for a change. I did a SOTA yesterday and a picturesque Wainwright today. Why stop now …

What about 14-cw… :innocent:

Hi Guru, I would be happy to work you on 20m CW.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I used my shiny new green ‘Life’s a Breeze’ 5m pole with my 40/30/20 EFHW antenna arranged as a sloper so that most of the wire was 2 to 4m off the grass. Got a great mix of different EU countries on 30m and 60m CW in about 25 minutes …
30m: France, Italy, Spain (2), Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic
60m**: Germany (2), Belgium (2), England (2)

**The KX2 ATU seems to load up any antenna on most bands.

That’s better than I normally get with my old 3m pole where the wire is usually only 0.5 to 2m off the ground. I look forward to trying the combination on 20m.

73, Andy

Sounds great. I may be able to chase on 40m but that’s uncertain and 20m will be a clearer option for me. This morning the internet service at my remote station QTH has been falling down and recovering every now and then, so I couldn’t chase much. The afternoon-evening are OK with no service shortages. I hope it will be like this tomorrow morning too.
Good luck and HPE TO CU tomorrow.


That’s fine. Are you also QRV on 30m? It’s my favourite band. I worked a EA2 and a EA7 on 30m at lunchtime yesterday.

Yes, I’ll be ready to chase you on 30m too.

That’s good. I know I can always get enough contacts on 30m to activate a summit. And for some reason, the propagation always seems good during the day.

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