Mountain bike friendly summits?

My son is 9 and comes out walking with me when I do sota. He has asked if next time he can take his mountain bike.
Are there any summits around G/TW or G/NP that have bridleways to the summit and are not too steep to get there?
The one I have in mind at the moment is guisborough moor as it’s flat ish from the car park at Percy cross rig.

Yes TW003 should be doable, as are 004 & 005 ( you can drive to those two!)
In NP land Cross Fell fits your bill, at least until the final ascent, and Rogan’s Seat is perfect.
Green Lowther is a great cycleable 4-pointer in SW Scotland.
I used a bike to conquer the long start to Sighty Crag in SB (but can’t really recommend the subsequent walk!)

TW-003 yes, have done it on the bike on a SOTA Cycling weekend a couple of years ago but you need to avoid the gamekeeper unless you want a telling off - the track is on access land and not a bridleway from the Commondale side. Link

73 Phil
G/TW Region Manager

Hi Anthony,

You can check out mountain bike trails near SOTA summits using

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Never been to the borders. Although I haven’t been to Scotland for pleasure since I walked the west highland way the proper way( backpacking) back in 2002 or 2003. I must rectify it. I love Scotland too.

I might stick to guisborough moor as I think I’ll be walking unless I can fit both bikes in the car with the seats down. But will definitely check out that trailforks website. Think cross fell is a bit too steep for my son. It was steep for me when I walked up the other year.

Would agree that Cross Fell is a bit of a haul unless your son is a real mountain goat. (My youngest is 10 and she has walked up a few with me supplimented with lots of chocolate! I think Cross Fell would require the so many goodies and bribes that there would not be room for a radio!) . Was once on an MRT callout on Cross Fell and one of the other team decided to try and drive up the track. Unfortunatly the track had other ideas and shortly after the sump was holed the engine seized! Rough track… (From the Garigill side)
Not a MTB route but Wild Boar Fell is still my favourite - it looks like a real mountain but isn’t a massive climb and as NP summits go is remarkably solid ground, and probably OK without several Kg of bribes!