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Mount Burke VE6/RA-070

Hey all,

Yesterday May,24/22 Malen @VE6VID & Myself decided to Tackle a monster of a Mountain for 4 points.

The day started with us meeting up to jump into one vehicle then heading out into the mountains, as we pulled up the mountain towers over the valley, we quickly geared up and hit the trail.

After 2 hours of hiking almost straight up and then a bit of zig zag trail and a couple deep snow spots we reached the tree line and the real fun began, we hiked for another 20 minutes again lots of gain to get to the false summit that is a knife edge and extremally fun to hike with a big cornice to the south edge of us, after that we made the final push to the summit and the abandoned Fire lookout.

Malen managed 8 contacts on 2m FM his longest was130 km (I think) once he got those We threw the EFHW up and I used his KX2 my SW3B was also with me but when someone offers up their kx2 you don’t say no hihi, I called CQ a couple times and Sure enough our amazing chasers came threw and in 15 minutes I managed 10 CW contacts, the band was up and down and for a couple minutes I had to call CQ again but the bands have been finicky this far north lately.

After about the 15 min of activating WX started to roll in with light Hail/snow and wind so we packed up and got moving off the summit seeing as trip back was long.

All in all the trip was 6 miles 10 ish km’s out and back with 3000 ft of gain 950 ish meters and even though it was only worth 4 points it was a very enjoyable hike.

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse


Good job. That’s a beast of a peak for 4 points.

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Yes yes it is lol.

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