Motta da Sett (HB/GR-275) without curious cows

This week I activated Motta da Sett again but luckily without curious cows. They rested on a lower level with no intention coming up and licking my antenna pole.

The 5 km way to the last ascent was like I remembered but the last ascent seemed to be longer then in my memory. 500 m on steep grassland and schist feels much longer.

Motta da Set from Roccabella (4.5 km away), orange the last ascent, right a part of the way to Septimer Pass

7.5 m Pole

View to south east (after QRT, lower part of the antenna wound up)

View to north east: Piz Grevasalvas and Lunghin Pass (more right)

I had two hours on the summit and enough time for operation. But it was not as successful as I hoped. At first SMS with the spot didn’t go out for a while. Changing to CW brought no QSO. In the evening I found no hit on RBN and so no spot for SOTA. Later SMS was working again and 13 QSO came in the log (10 x 20 m, 3 x 40 m). Thanks to the chasers.

Would it come to at least 4 QSO if SMS was broken the whole time?