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Morse Code Hiking Boots?

So it appears that Morse Code Shoes are now available! With this technology, maybe SOTA ops will now be able to start logging QSO’s as soon as we are inside the Activation Zone, even if the hike to the summit isn’t yet finished!


I seen these on the BBC news website lol. The main thing I wanted to know was what the Morse said at the beginning of the video. It was too quick for me. I got s b at the beginning I think.

“BBC Tech Barcelona”


Will this result in more QLF CW on the bands??


Has anyone found a link to the manufacturer?

Anyone remember the TV show “Get Smart”?

73, Steve W6SAE

I didn’t see it but a possibility is Click which is broadcast on BBC News 24 Geoff

Have a look at this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-43205947/morse-code-shoes-send-toe-tapping-texts-at-mwc-2018

Anyone remember the TV show “Get Smart”?

…the ‘cone of silence’? …best turn off the shoe on the dance floor I guess?

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