Montana's 1st Mountain Goat AE7AP Rob

Congratulations AE7AP Montana’s 1st Mountain Goat!
Way to go Rob!
…Of course he had great help, xyl AE7AQ Barb


Congratulations Rob, It was great to visit you and Barb last year, and I enjoyed reading about your adventures at the Glacier Hamfest this year. You have some marvelous country to explore for SOTA trips.

Outstanding and congratulations!


Mike AC0PR

Congratulations Rob!
Bob AC1Z

Congratulations Rob on becoming Montanas first Goat!!
Thanks for all the chaser points.

Holy cow! I knew Rob was close to MG but didn’t realize I was working him on his MG peak. Congrats Rob on being the first W0M MG! It’s been a great trip over the last several years OM. You’ve done an amazing job and I wish I had a partner like Barb to go with me on activations ;-).

73, Brad


Congratulations AE7AP
Welcome to the herd

Good work, Rob and congratulations! Welcome to the goat herd!

Paul K9PM

Congratulations Rob. Always enjoy chasing you on your Montana Peaks! :wink:

Look forward to the day when I have the time off and can meet up again for another great eyeball QSO with you and Barb.

73, Todd KH2TJ


Congratulations sir! And thanks for the MT summits. I would have very few Montana summits if it were not for your efforts prowling around up in those mountains!

John N0EVH
W0M SOTA Association Manager

Congratulations Rob, welcome to the herd.


Congrats and Baaaa! de KB7CWV

Congratulations, Rob. Always a pleasure to catch you on one of the summits up there in our old stompin’ grounds.Thanks for the chaser points.

Martin, AC7AP

Rob! Congratulations on your “Mountain Goat” status. Job well done.
Doug, W7MRC

Congratulations, Rob! I always look forward to working you on your travels throughout the state of Montana.
Martha W0ERI

Big Sky Congrats Rob!

You have demonstrated leadership and a positive role model for others.


I discovered SOTA in 2014 and have been having great fun with it ever since. One of the best parts is the people that I have met along the way, both on the air and in person. This includes new radio-friends and also random encounters with interesting folks out in the woods. It has been a treat to see so many unique and remote areas that I would otherwise have no excuse to visit. Each trip seems to bring something new and interesting. This weekend it was “The Monument Plant” which blooms only once in its 20-80 year life. Past outings have included all manner of curious weather events, exciting wildlife encounters, beautiful scenery, and fascinating geologic features. We have also found that SOTA fits well into a vacation – whether as a primary element, interlude/activity for a family visit, or even just to break up a long drive. Barb-AE7AQ has been with me on every single outing (except for two “UTC-Rollover” winter activations with Bill-N7MSI) and it is she that makes it all truly enjoyable. Thank you everyone for the kind words – I look forward to working you on the next summit!

Rob - AE7AP

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Congratulations Rob on becoming W7M’s first Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulation, Rob, for your MG and thank you very much for the 5 QSOs we’ve had and the 4 W7M + 1 W7Y summits you’ve put on the air for me to chase back in 2015, 16 and 17.
It’s been quite a long time not copying you, but I’m sure the sunspots will get back on the Sun surface and so our chances for more QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to it.