MM0GLM Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Jim MM0GLM on achieving Mountain Goat status this week.

Well Done !

73 Rob GM3YTS


Congrats Jim!

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Well done Jim @MM0GLM !!
Almost exclusively VHF too, which is a great effort. Thanks for the summit to summit chats along the way.

Congratulations Jim :+1: a great achievement, especially mainly on VHF!

73, Ben

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Congratulations Jim on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Jim @MM0GLM. Great work. 73 Mike :grinning:

Many congratulations Jim. Well done. Keep the flag flying on VHF! :smiley:

73, Gerald

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Congratulations Jim. Achieving Mountain Goat with 253 activations of Scottish summits is an admirable achievement. Well done.



Well done Jim :clap:

Simon & Nic

Congratulations Jim, really delighted that you made 1000 points. Always a pleasure to catch you on 2m and looking forward to next chat.

73 Gavin

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Congrats Jim,

Very well done!!

I note that you didn’t travel too far on this cold day, sensible chap!!


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Congratulations Jim
73 Paul


Many thanks for the QSOs on 13cm.

73 de

Andrew G(M)4VFL

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An excellent achievement @MM0GLM. It inspires me to try harder!

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Well done Jim.

Welcome to the herd!

Thanks for the QSO last week on GM/SS-134.


Congratulations Jim! On to the next one! 73 John.

Congrats Jim on your Scottish Mountain goat - harder work than an English one by quite a margin I feel. Delighted to see you have been using VHF nearly all the time - and I even found a 70cm contact as well! Looking at your log it was great to see who and where you had spoken to, thanks for making the effort to add that to the log. I see we had a s2s on 19 May during our latest Scottish tour and I look forward to the next contact. Just one question - have you ever failed to qualify on VHF in Scotland? I certainly have had this problem on a number of small hills in the less populated areas - and even had no contacts at all once or twice. however I do only use a Yaesu VX7R handy (and dipole) with a max of 5w so you are probably using more power in the radio as well as on the legs as I look at all those high summits you have done.:astonished:
Keep up the good work!
Viki M6BWA

Congrats Jim, and glad to get you for a S2S whilst you qualified for your MG. Thanks for the QSO.

All the best

Rich 2W0LWF

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Well done that ‘lad’. And nice to have you in the Log for your MG Activation on Sunday. (and 44 SOTA QSO’s on 13CMS in my Log (inc S2S’s - nice).

Till our next 13cms contact.



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Congrats Jim.