Missed a QSO from my upload - can I add it?

I have missed off the first contact from one of my activations on Saturday, Doh!
Very embarrassing!
Operator error selecting for CSV export I assume.

Is there a way I can get that added for the chaser, who has spotted it.

I tried manually adding the one contact but the system told me off as I already entered my activation for that summit/day.

No. You can, however, download the log as a CSV, edit the CSV, delete the old log and upload the new CSV. Takes moments with practice and minutes when learning.


Been there done that, cocked it up, scrubbed and started again.
Takes little getting used to but you will get there in end.
After a time its easy, took me a while. But got there in end


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Cheers. Found where to delete the log now, and all done.

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