Martin DK3IT now Mountain Goat

With his double activation yesterday (DL/AL-108 & DL/AL-109) Martin achieved his first mountain goat.

Congratulations Martin!

Quite an achievement with the activation of a number of high mountains in the Alps.

What’s your next challenge?
A skiers only mountain goat or a climbers only mountain goat :slight_smile:

73 de Stephan, dm1le


Congrats Martin und wow, das freut mich! Enjoy more!

73, Markus

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Congratulations Martin on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulation Martin @DK3IT to a truely earned Mountain Goat title.

Just looking at all the first activations in the alps on 3000+ and 4000+ meter summits with tough conditions as reported in great pictures and activation reports here on the reflector. A lot of those summits have your callsign as the first activator. A unique sign of your persistent focus.

And by sharing your technical projects - being it the Gobox, TinySWR meter or your 3D printed antennas - you enabled others to improve their equipment or get inspired to reach their goals too.

Well deserved

73 Joe


Gratulation Martin !
73 andy

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Hi Martin,

champagne today or a hot tea on the next summit. Hope to work you soon.

73, Ludwig

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I love the log entry, 4th from top of course. :slight_smile:

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Gratulation Martin!

Du funkst in einer anderen Liga :+1:t2: Respekt!

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns wieder auf der Amateurfunktagung München :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Mario DJ2MX

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True montaneer! Well done Martin!
73 Fabio

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Gratulation Martin!
Always great to hear you and thanks for the QSOs.
73 Ignacio

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Dear all:
Thank you very, very much for your kind congratulations, your continuous comradeship and support on the air and in this forum!

I sincerely appreciate the energy and dedication, the time, knowledge and skills you are all putting into this great community, namely

  • the chasers often waiting in their shacks for hours for the short window of opportunity when one can only stay on the summit for ten minutes or so,
  • the management team and other volunteers who keep this society alive and blend the many different minds, all of our different positions, gifts, and sometimes strong feelings into a vibrant group,
  • the ones maintaining the software and services that we all depend on or benefit from,
  • my trusted friends and partners in rock and snow, in particular Esther, Mauro, Uschi, Christoph, and Berthold,
    and everybody else who contributes advice or resources!

Two special mentions go to Mariusz, @SP9AMH, who, after six years of QRP chasing, managed to be the OP for the 4th and qualifying QSO on DL/AL-108, and to Heinz, @HB9BCB, who also came for my last activation, while I was using his antenna design.

I will try to write a more detailed piece on this wonderful journey; please accept my apologies should I have missed anybody in the list above.

All the best!

73 de Martin, DK3IT


Congrats Martin, on achieving Mountain Goat!
Enjoy your beautiful mountain range and have fun with lots of further activations.

73, Roman

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Hallo Martin

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und willkommen in der Herde :smile:

Schön, dass ich dich auf beiden summits erreicht habe… bis zum nächsten QSO!

73 Armin

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Good evening Martin @DK3IT. Congratulations on your first mountain goat and welcome to the herd :goat: :+1: :beers: And what I just saw with astonishment, we haven’t had a QSO with each other yet. I would be happy if we use 2023 to hear each other on the bands. Have fun and enjoy the hobby :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


many congrats on your first mountain goat Martin ,Ray

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Hi Martin,

Congratulations Martin on your first mountain goat and welcome to the club!

And many thanks for your interesting articles that are very interesting (thank you Joe @OE5JFE for posting the links).

Enjoy the mountains and have fun!

73 Stephan

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Hallo Martin,
auch von mir noch eine späte Gratulation für diese Leistung. Sehr schöne Bilder vom Riedberger Horn. Eine Gegend die mir aus Zeiten vor Sota sowohl als Skitour wie auch im Sommer von Wanderungen vertraut ist. Aber im letzten Herbst endlich auch eine Sota-Aktivierung.
Beste 73’



Just a quick sign of life to assure that I did not give up on SOTA after the first MG; was just very busy in most areas of life, plus having given my fellow mountaineers a bit of a break by
a) accepting summits that are not valid for SOTA and
b) having a relaxed and communicative social break on some recent summits instead of the hectic “please give me 15 minutes for my exotic hobby” and then immersing into our world of dits and dahs.

So there will soon be more CQ calls from the more alpine summits from my end :sunglasses:!

73 and mni tnx fer ur companionship
Martin, DK3IT


Nice going, Martin! And thank you for developing the tinySWR indicator which has been on (at least) 500 peaks just in my hands!

73 Fred KT5X