Manuel EA2DT - all good (title updated)

I haven’t been chased by @EA2DT recently - it’s highly unusual. I have just checked his chaser log and he hasn’t chased since 23rd of October.

I hope everything is OK with you Manuel!


I’ve also noticed his absence. He usually chases me on more than one band on every activation. I hope he is OK too.

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Yes, my logs look empty without his call…

I had already missed Manuel, too.
I had contacted Ignacio @EA2BD last week about this.
He answered me that Manuel is on a business trip… everything is ok!

73 Armin


I’m glad to hear that all is well. I was starting to wonder if he is ok.

I noticed his absence on my last couple of SOTA & WWFF activations. He features fairly prominently in both programs & is usually one of the first in the log.

Good to hear, all is okay. I missed him as chaser when I was in GW/SW.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW

Great to hear, thanks Armin!

I can’t quite remember the rules for activations but isn’t something like 4 distinct QSOs, one of which must be with @ea2dt in order to get the points?


I thought you needed 4 QSOs, all of them with Manuel.


Oh yeah, well you need 4 distinct QSOs with Manuel on different band/mode combinations, then three others…


I can’t quite remember the rules for activations but isn’t something like 4 distinct QSOs, one of which must be with @ea2dt in order to get the points?

Your memory failed you; it’s 4 distinct QSOs, including one from Manuel @EA2DT and one from Chris @F4WBN :sweat_smile:


Yes of course, my bad.

No 4 QSOs with EA2 chasers where one of them is an S2S with EA2BD and EA2DT is one of the others. Or QSOs with SA4BLM, SM5LNE, F5JKK and F4WBN. If you work all 8 you get bonus points :slight_smile:


I’ve had the same thought for the last few days. Good to hear he’s doing well.
Still missing Lars, SA4BLM :worried:
73 Chris


Absolutely, he wrote that he wants to take the short Swedish summer off from SOTA chasing. I’d have guessed that by now summer must be over in Sweden. Anyhow, I’m sure he still has something better to do than chasing us all day… :wink:


:roll_eyes: :+1: :grinning: :clinking_glasses:

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yes, there is no propagation issue nor local blackout over EA2: I can confirm he will still be absent for some more days.

I the meantime the rest of EA2 mates will do an effort to overtake him in the scores… Nah, no way.
I should consider a new activation soon, better with EA2LU so that you don’t loose your ears with EA2 typical sound!

Thanks for your interest, I’ll transmit to Manuel
73 de Ignacio


Good to hear all is fine.
Like others, I miss the distinguishable voice of Manuel.
When I activated on 19. October and didn’t hear Manuel, I had the feeling that something was missing. The same applies to Lars with his calm voice.
I hope both will return.

73 Stephan

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I’m also looking forward to hearing Manuel and Lars again!


Glad to hear all is ok. Always enjoyable to talk to Manuel. Nearly always first in my log.
Looking forward to hearing Manuel and Lars again.
73 John