M/N6JFD/P is at it again (Pennine Way OTA edition)

Wanted to do a bit of hiking this spring, and had so much fun with the West Highland Way +SOTA trip that I have decided to repeat M1EYP’s Pennine Way OTA. Also tossing in the Dales 3 peak challenge for 2 additional peaks. Trying a different kit this time around, KX2 with the AX1, AX-e 40m module. Oddly enough this kit is only about 8oz heavier then what I took to Scotland in 2022 (seems a lot bulkier though). If you are on na-sota slack thanks for enduring my stressing over the ham kit. I start the walk on the 4th, First peaks should be the 5th and 6th, after that I will alert morning of. I am curious to see what the performance of the AX antennas is and I know there have been many conversations on that topic. Not carrying 2M this time around just because I was running out of room in my Backpack
73 de M/N6JFD/P


Jamie, I hope the band condx get better! I haven’t heard a European SOTA for over a week now. Not good ! Looking forward to trying for you.
10 or 15M after 1600Z or so.
John, K6YK

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Good luck Jamie. Nice that people remember the PWOTA we did 18 years ago!

I’m intrigued that your first SOTA activation will be on the second day of your walk, as G/SP-001 is reached just two hours from the start of the route.


heya Tom, yah I could not secure lodging in Edale
tomorrow night, so I am “starting” tomorrow, and waking the 1.5 miles to Upper Booth to camp the night at the farm. I am taking the train over from Sheffield tomorrow morning, and will just walk. So yah it was a slight and last minute adjustment to my original plan.

Hope to get some S2S with you on Gun/Cloud and IF I can build time in on this trip I want to try and activate them since they are complete
candidates for me.


Same here John. I can usually log one or two European SOTA’s around 1600Z but nothing for the past week or two
W6LEN Jess

So I assume you’re heading back down this way after completing the PW, before flying back home? If so, do keep me informed as it would be nice to join you for joint activations while you are in the area.

Good luck Jaime with walking the Pennine Way. This brings back memories of when me and my dad Tom @M1EYP walked the Pennine Way back in 2006, my callsign back then was M3EYP. We walked the Pennine Way to raise money for Friends for Leisure which is a charity that helps children and young adults with additional needs and also children and young adults who are disabled. We walked the Pennine Way in 20 days which is leisurely as most people walk the Pennine Way in 14 days and we also walked the Pennine Way the 5 star way by staying at either a Youth Hostel or B&B each night and having baggage transfer also. My dad wants to walk the Pennine Way again at some-point in the future and if he ever gets the opportunity to walk the Pennine Way again, he plans to carry everything in his rucksack this time and wild camp for either most nights on the Pennine Way or every night on the Pennine Way. Please see also, reports of each of our days walking the Pennine Way here, Pennine Way On The Air (tomread.co.uk).

Jimmy M0HGY

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Safe hiking and see you in Berwick once you are off the Pennine Way.

The Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm gives you a free pint for completing the hike.


No, it’s been a free half pint now for over two decades.

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Americans get the full pint

@M1EYP heya, I have some time between May 3rdish and May 7th-ish, I can pop down to Manchester. I have to be in Glen Shiel for the start of my TGO crossing by May 9.

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Hi Jamie - Good Luck with the PW. I think we last met on the summit of Seat Sandal in the Lakes where four activators shared the summit! Home QTH is about 1 mile off the PW, with Great Shunner Fell (G/NP-006) nearby. Hope you will keep the reflector posted with updates! (PM me if you need anything picking up or dropping off at Middleton in Teesdale). 73. Paul


My only possible free date there is Friday 3rd May. So do keep me informed, but I guess a meet up is unlikely.


Joking aside I always thought American pints at 16 fl oz were smaller than UK pints at 20 fl oz. It appears not all fl oz are equal and an American pint is bigger….go figure that one!

American pints are definitely smaller regardless of the glass size. When I was in Florida in 2011, whenever I ordered a beer it would be quickly poured with up to half the glass taken up with a frothy head. I would wait for the glass to be topped up (which it would as a matter of course here in the UK) but nothing would happen. And on the occasion I politely requested this I was scowled at like I was a fool - and my request ignored. Orlando Airport was the worst offender but all measures were woefully short!

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I guess not everything written is true……this is what clued me in The pint | Craft Beer & Brewing.

Shared is a generous description. You were happily operating when Mark @M0NOM and I crashed your party and cheekily asked if we could make 4 contacts on your station. Ironman Dahl aka @N6JFD came marching up the side of Seat Sandal and you then had 3 party crashers!

We all featured in an RSGB article on this courtesy of I know not whom.


I experienced a 24oz can when over last October and it felt really good in the hand, although $23 for one at the Las Vegas Sphere made the eyes water a bit!

Good luck Jamie, I’ll be listening for you with any luck slip on 40m will be short enough to make a contact.



The link I shared has this text……

The Imperial pint contains 20 British fluid oz equal to 28.413 ml each. The American pint, by contrast, contains 16 US fluid oz equal to 29.574 ml each. This makes the US fluid ounce 4% larger than the Imperial one. The Imperial pint is approximately 20% larger than the US pint.

EDIT……for some reason I keep reading this wrong……my bad, Britannia rules….

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That sounds about right. The only thing bigger in Britain than America is a pint.