M/N6JFD/P is at it again (Pennine Way OTA edition)

…and the gallon. If you’re really thirsty.

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My point was that the relative capacities of the US and British pints are irrelevant. My experience in America is that half of your glass is beer and the other half frothy head, and they seem affronted but any suggestion that your glass should be topped up!


Have you ever been to Czechia?


Yeah, it’s quality not quantity that counts and I’ve drank great beers and crap beers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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oyi these winds have been horrendous the past two days (30+mph over the fells/hills), tried using the KX2 today “walkie talkie” style on SSB, almost too windy to hear. thnx for those that have chased the last two days. Inwill get the logs up eventually…
Next peak is a few days a way. so as they say put the head down and pound miles/kilometers)


and with that, all of about 80 miles and 2 activations I have had to pull off the route. The soft soggy pastures has been wrecking havoc on my one bad ankle, so I will not be finishing the PW this go around. Thnx for those that chased me on Kinder and Black Hill.


The Pennines are often boggy - but the wx we have had since about July has been exceptionally wet. One of the local farmers here can’t get a tractor on the field without it sinking and anyone with cattle can’t get them out into the swamp… so it isn’t always that bad… Better luck next time! 73. Paul

yah, I do not remember the Coast to Coast (last fall) being like this, although most of the C2C is on a different kind of path system. If I had only had to deal with dodging bog and peat holes on the Moors, it would have been a much easier time, but something about what grazing animals do to pasture land, and what sounds like a super wet winter was more than the Mankle wanted to handle… :).

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Apparently it’s been the wettest 18 months since records began. I know Americans think it’s always raining here… - we’re starting to believe you! :wink:

There’ll be a hosepipe ban soon.



Sorry the PW didn’t become a reality this trip.

Great to c u last night and grab a pint.

Happy trails.

Paul aka M0SNA