Looking for a "bed" in Friedrichshafen (June 23-27)

Hi all,

I got a last minute offer to join two hams from Ostend, Belgium to go to HamRadio in Friedrichshafen (FN), arriving June 23, leaving June 27.
They symphatize for SOTA, but are not activators themselves.

I have two problems now:

  • I have to find a place to sleep (very very late I know …)
  • I don’t have my own car … so how do I get around if I’m separated from my friends

Of course I would like to meet as many SOTA friends (SOTA legends ?) as possible, join the presentations, join the dinner that Ed, DD5LP organised, and if I could join some activator(s) for an activation whilst in FN, that would make my trip perfect !
(besides seeing that new KX2 rig of course , hi)

Any help is welcome , like :

  • anyone knows of a (reasonably priced) place to stay that still has a room available ?
  • any group that rented a vacation home or appartment and still has a spare room ?
    (I would not advise to share a room with me, since I seem to snore a lot , unless you snore even more ! … hi)
  • anyone knows of somebody that canceled their trip and so made a room available again ?

(I do have a tent for camping, but not sure that my two friends are willing to put all my camping stuff in their car, so that would be the very last solution …)

thanks for reading … and for any useful info

cu all at FN


Hi Luc,

I entered the dates you mentioned, requesting a room for 1 person, in www.trivago.co.uk and came up with three hotels that still have vacancies. They are all about GBP 100 per night, though. I don’t know if that is outside your price range.

Good luck,

Walt (G3NYY)

Ok Walt,
tnx for your quick reply
will consider that if no other reactions come up …
There are still rooms in the Holiday Inn too … at 660 Euros for 4 nights … might as well mail-order an FT817 and stay home … hi
I’ll wait till tomorrow and then decide …

Dear Luc,

it’s really a shame you in fact have to book 3 months in advance to get a reasonable accomodation in Friedrichshafen.
I wonder if you have already checked all holiday appartments:
Searching for “Ferienwohnung Friedrichshafen” yields several sites, perhaps you are lucky on one.

Perhaps the Hamcamp (http://www.hamcamp.eu/) is an option. In principle it is intended for the youth. But unbooked places seem to be given to grown ups also. At least better than your own tent, plus it is direct on site.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Try Airbnb for accomodation a rough search produces quite a lot of rooms for an average of £59 GBP

some are as cheap as £28 GBP


OK, problem 1 & 2 solved, I found a room in a student home via AirBnb, it’s in the center of FHN, even not too far from the HamRadio, so I won’t even need a car.
Thanks to all that replied.

I’m still looking out for any SOTA-activations during HamRadio that I could join.
I may bring my own KX3 and link-dipole.