Longest single name of a SOTA Summit?

I was idly looking at the alerts for the weekend as we are perhaps going somewhere in SW tomorrow (have all the British activators gone into hibernation before the Winter bonus season starts in December??) and noticed a Saturday alert at 00.00 of JA/GM-084, Higashimikaboyama. This set me wondering where the SOTA summit with the longest single name is situated - and how it is pronounced??
Viki M6BWA


Here In Alberta I would say it is probably Mount Saskatchewan with a quick search, SOTLAS


Laste di Verdins (di fuori) / Vorderer Verdinser Plattenspitz

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That’s not a single name Andy.

Maybe a split(" ") and len() :grin:

73 Joe

VR/HK-070 Wong Wan Pak Teng(Double Island, Wong Wan Chau), 往灣北頂(往灣洲) ?

SM/JL-089 Stor-Stensdalsfjället Lihehkendurrientjahke ?

Hey folks! I asked for a SINGLE name summit - as I thought I would be deluged with 3, 4, 5+ word summits of enromous length (which I can see is a worthy challenge in its own right - but not what I asked for!) Long SINGLE names anyone?

JL-089 is a single name. If you mean single word then say so.

Good candidates:

PY1/RL-003 Serra do Amar e Querer ou da Boa Esperança
GM/WS-096 Buachaille Etive Beag-Stob Coire Raineach
OE/ST-448 Gipfel zwischen Fensteralm und Polsterkogel
PY4/VL-071 Serra do Rochedo do João Pinto Pequeno
SM/JL-089 Stor-Stensdalsfjället Lihehkendurrientjahke
F/AB-010 Aiguille Centrale Sud-Est de Tré la Tête
EA5/AT-024 Penya Blanca de la Mallada de Figuera
I/LO-441 Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola


JA8/RM-016 : Chinunokokorozashiuchiyama

No activations yet!

If dashes are allowed:

DM/SX-160: König-Friedrich-August-Höhe (but no longer valid)


How about the other extreme? Are there any summits with a shorter name than Gun (G/SP-013)?

There’s one with a single letter:

JW/ES-042: H – Not yet activated at 1330m (10 points)

Then there are five with 2 characters:

9A/GH-175 : Um (No activations yet)
KLA/AN-132 : A1 (No activations yet)
TF/SV-001 : Ok (9 Activations)
W7U/WS-081 : G2 (No activations yet)
W7W/KG-020 : K9 (No activations yet)


Thank you Robert - I was going to suggest that we add the shortest to the challenge but hadn’t guessed that you could come up with a single letter one. congratulations!

Now to return to the original request which was for the longest SINGLE name summit - I will rephrase that for those who misunderstand this request. I was looking for the SOTA summit whose name was just ONE WORD ( like JA/GM-084 Higashimikaboyama.which started the idea).but am now happy to accept the broadening of the topic, and even accept hyphens (thank you again M0RWX for DM/SX-160) and deleted summits. However I don’t consider that translations of the name incorporated into the title can be accepted for the longer length categories eg VR/HK-070 Wong Wan Pak Teng(Double Island, Wong Wan Chau) would count as a 4 word summit and not 9 word. (Don’t forget that the Editor’s word is final.)

hence, looking quickly I think some front runners are:
ONE word (single) name: JA8/RM-016, Chinunokokorozashiuchiyama (M0RWX)
TWO word name:
THREE word name::
FOUR word name::
FIVE word name: OE/ST-448 Gipfel zwischen Fensteralm und Polsterkoge (ON6ZCQ)
SIX word name:
NINE word name: PY1/RL-003) Serra do Amar e Querer ou da Boa Esperança (ON6ZCQ)

with hyphens:
ONE word name: DM/SX-160 König-Friedrich-August-Höhe (M0RWX)
TWO word name: SM/JL-089 Stor-Stensdalsfjället Lihehkendurrientjahke (MM0FMF)

ONE word name: JW/ES-042 H (M0RWX)

Than you again for all contributions and I am especially impressed with the eagle eyed M0RWX and ON6ZCQ. I look forward to seeing further contributions as I go to eat breakfast!


I can hear the Monty Python sketch now :rofl:

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As the remaining 128 summits in the JW/ES region have proper names I suggest that “H” might be a mistake or interim identifying letter and not a name at all.

Robert, how did you come up so quickly with this list?


I suspect that many of these long word names are actually compound words where several words have been joined together and probably translate into a short(ish) sentence. It would take a lot of work to identify the longest name that translates to a single word and I’m not about to embark on it, but the way gaelic works I bet there would be contenders from Scotland!


Download summitslist.csv. Load it into spreadsheet. Have spreadsheet fun and sort resulting column of summit name lengths.

Thanks. I had forgotten that the entire summits list was available as csv.

It’s not a single name. “Lihehkendurrientjahke” is not Swedish. It’s rather Sámi for “Stor-Stendsdalsfjället”

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It should have a / in it then. But the initial request was vague.

Hi Rod, As Andy mentioned:

When you have the base data, a spreadsheet program and some formulas are all that is needed.

I noticed when looking for 3 letter summit names yesterday, that many summit names are identified as 3 numbers. I believe these names are the height ASL. e.g.

SV/CR-043: No longer Valid, but named 913 as it’s 913m AZL.
SV/EP-044: Valid and named 595 as it’s 595m AZL.

There are many such summits in LZ, SV, VK7, KLA, etc.
There are also some in W6 that are denoted as a number but which must mean something different as the height AZL is different.

There are also several summits with the same name in the same region (not a retirement/replacement). e.g.

EA2/BI-041 and EA2/BI-048 are both called “Upo” (and are both active).

Not sure what this means in Spanish, but if I’m not mistaken, in Swahili Upo translates to: ‘You are There’.

Then there are summits that all carry the same name: ‘Vis

YU/JS-099, YU/ZS-147, YU/ZS-034, 4O/JC-076 4O/ZC-117 E7/BO-055 E7/BO-071 E7/BO-122 E7/BO-328 E7/BO-420 E7/BO-449 E7/BO-479 E7/BO-452 etc

Vis’ translates into English as: ‘Height’…

Which reminded me of this from 2008:

Other popular 3 letter words are: Bat and Hum.

Anyway, got things to do; unfortunately not SOTA related.

73, Robert

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