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Yet another question.

What logging software do people use? Two requirements, easy to add data when back home, and easy to export to the database.



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I use Logger32. I think it is a fantastic piece of software and it’s free. I use it the same way that you mention. I add my data when I come home and export them to an adif file. Then I use Alains (F6ENO) adi2sota.exe tool to prepare the data for importing to the sota database.

Logger32: http://www.logger32.net/
adi2sota: http://www.sota-france.fr/telechargement-1.html


Mads, LA1TPA

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HRD and then I either export to ASCII and modify the format with excel, or export to ADIF and use the following:


Nigel. G6SFP.

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Logger32 for general logging. It’s very hard to beat and free.

However I use Writelog for contests, mainly because it’s so good for RTTY with the MMTTY plug-in.

73 Marc G0AZS

Logger 32 is a great program and is best used with Windows XP. It takes a lot of setting up to start with but you soon get used to it. I have used it for years now after ditching Turbolog, which was great in the old days 1990-2002.

Support for the Turbolog 3 program went downhill after John G3WGV sold it to an amateur abroad and he turned it into a “Version 4” Windows application. It was never the same after that.

I just use excel csv format to upload SOTA QSOs to the database either as an activator or a chaser. I enter them freehand occasionally into a spreadsheet as a block of 20-50 QSOs at a time as a chaser or after an activation has taken place.

Logger 32 by Bob Furzer K4CY - highly recommended and FOC!



PS Logger 32 has some user configurable fields so you can configure that to take a SOTA REF e.g. NP-001

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I use http://database.sota.org.uk/, then adifmerg and finally LoTW.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Snap! Well almost. For SOTA I use the tools provided FOC, the SOTA database. Every now and then I save the database in case something breaks in the main database in SOTAville and I need to upload it again.

For other logging activities I use a paper logbook and a pen. The advantage being that in 200 years time when social archeologists want to know what people did when there was oil they’ll still be able to read my logbook unlike all the computer versions which will be long since dead.


I use linux as main operating system in my computer so my choice is CQRLOG.

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I use HRD (updated/improved logbook out soon) then export to Excel to prepare for the upload to the database.

HRD allows the user to export easily to LoTW and EQSL. I have mentioned to Simon HB9DRV that a facility on the logbook like IOTA, for SOTA would be nice. I label a spare logbook column “SOTA” and use this to keep track of summit references worked.

Roger MW0IDX

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After downloading and trying out masses of logging software I too ended up using Logger32 for general logging.

Usually I just transfer the data by hand to the database. I tried exporting and editing in Excel and it took me longer than just typing it in.

When I am on holiday I use Excel on my laptop and copy direct from my paper logs cross checking with my MP3 recordings if I need to. I can then upload to the database when I get home and I transfer the data to Logger32 using cut and paste.

As a backup I go to a local cave and chisel my log on to the wall. The advantage being that in 2 million years time when social archaeologists want to know what people did when there was oil they’ll still be able to read my logbook unlike all the paper versions which will be long since dead. (Sorry Andy I couldn’t resist it!)

Steve GW7AAV

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As a backup I go to a local cave and chisel my log on to the wall.

ROTFLMAO! Thank you Steve for giving me an excellent start to the day.


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Must be in the Dark Ages here - I had to Google that one Andy (well the last part anyway).

Similarly uneducated by way of logging programmes (though I have tried several), I log on paper on the hill, transfer to Excel for my log and then enter by hand to the database. According to Steve this is what you do when you are permanently on holiday, isn’t it?

73, Gerald

Logger32 for all QSOs made from the shack. I also add to Logger32 any logs made while out /P that happen to give me new DXCC band/mode slots. For the Database, I simply type in each activator and chaser log using the database’s own entry forms. I have occasionally used the CSV file upload facility, but find that overall it doesn’t save a huge amount of time. I guess if I spent a huge amount of SOTA chasing time in the shack then it might become an advantage, but a good percentage of my SOTA chasing takes place while I am on a summit myself. Furthermore, all my SOTA activating takes place while I am on a summit myself.

I like all my SOTA logs to appear in my activator and chaser records, and this is fine with the Database entry form. When using CSV file upload, it can spit back out if claiming the same station worked on a different band or mode.


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I use at home the software logging program SWISSLOG V5 that I bought years ago.


On /P, BOTA and SOTA activities I use always paper and pencil. Not a ball point because the ink can freeze, not a PDA or something.

I see it for me … minus temps … battery empty from the PDA and that halfway the activity. Or that thing breaks down during the trip. There go the QSO’s … and log.

When I come home from an activitie I put all QSO manually in the log program and also in the SOTA database.

To print the QSL labels I use BV7 V 7.6 label maker. (Free program)


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Hi Nigel,

Now ADI2SOTA likes 5MHz (and 50MHz too…).
“Help” is in French and in English.
Soon a new V2 version in which you will be able to choose
the ADIF field (for LOGGER32 users for example)
Alain has uploaded V1.3 this morning

73 Ghis F6CEL

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Does anyone know if logger32 runs on vista?



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They have a support group that may be able to help:

Beware though; they expect you to have made some effort to read the group postings and help files before launching in with a question.



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Thanks Richard, just found this

The running of Logger32 under Windows Vista IS NOT supported. This is thanks to Microsoft for the changes made to their operating system particularly in respect of the sound card support. However, Logger32 will run under Vista if the UAC is turned off and Logger32 is not installed into the more usual default directory of C:\program files\Logger32 but into C:\Logger32 instead.

Logger32 should work OK on the Win95 and Win98/98SE operating systems, but no further development will be afforded these OS.


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This is thanks to Microsoft for the changes made to their operating system
particularly in respect of the sound card support.

Did the programmer just assume his software would always be run with admin rights? That’s not Microsoft’s fault really. That’s a design flaw that you wont find people who write for *nix and OSX making!


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Beggars can’t be choosers though Andy and many users have got Logger 32 working very well in Vista for the features that they want to use. If users don’t like that the fact that Vista isn’t fully supported that’s OK - use something else.

The program is feature rich and although I use many features myself I probably only use 50% of the available functions. Some things I feel are better done manually.

This thread is well off topic now and is nothing to do with SOTA, so this is my last word!