Logging QO-100

I did my first activation through QO-100 today from Walton Hill.

The question is what would be the appropriate band to log the contacts on?

To me it is not logical to use the up-link frequency (2.3GHz, technically 2.4GHz) but to log the down-link frequency (10GHz) as that is the band that is being received. Not only by myself but others who are listening.

What is the consensus?


The logic to me, for any SOTA contact that is in some way “crossband”, is for an activator to record the TX frequency band, and a chaser to log the RX frequency band.

ie, always log the activator’s TX frequency band.

Hi Carolyn

Andy MM0FMF declared the solution in https://reflector.sota.org.uk/t/crossband-activation-sat-rf-valid/22369. This is what I have been doing, You also need to be aware that the %QRA%Locator% needs to be at the end of the comments field and is case sensitive. A typical line in my log would be:-

59 / 58 Matthis - QO-100 %QRA%JO40CB%

I will guess that if there are sufficient exceptions then a programmatically correct solution will be implemented.

I was nice to work you today, I also discovered that I could improve my receive signal by removing the dialectic lens in front of the LNB which seems odd. I discovered that when you were working Nick G0HIK.

I will enter today’s log onto the database tomorrow.

73 de

Andrew (G4VFL)