Log4OM Version 2 released

Version 2 of Log4OM was released on 15th January 2020 after a three year, from the ground up, re-design.

Full support for SOTA is included as in Version 1 with a few improvements including the possibility to add SOTA references that have not been added to the official SOTA summit list.

The latest version of this free software provides many other enhancements including the ability to simultaneously aggregate the data from up to 10 cluster servers into a single display, enhanced display of on line look up data like the QRZ QSL image etc, Enhanced integration with as many external program sources that the user requires, Propagation predictions for call/band and much much more!

Log4OM version 2 can still be run as an installed version or as a ‘Portable’ version on a memory stick and runs happily on any Windows 10 Tablet, QSO storage is by SQLite or Mysql databases.

The free program download and user guide is available at http://www.log4om.com

User forums for support are at http://forum.log4om.com/

There are also social media groups on Facebook and twitter

Happy New Year to all SOTA activators and chasers

Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team


Terry, please could you explain what you mean by that? If it’s not on the list it’s not a SOTA reference.

Tnx for the info. I use Log4OM and I didn’t know this second release.

I think they are referring to the database list that is part of the program package… I have not yet checked the new version of the program in this regard, but the older version used an internal database which needed to be updated when new SOTA references were created. There was often a delay between the announcement of new SOTA references and the update to the internal database used by Log4OM, IIRC. I must start reading the manual for the new version…
Peter VK3PF

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Maybe so Peter. But I’m bound to query anything that people might read as suggesting there can be such a thing as an unofficial SOTA reference. Anyway, I must get my installation updated and give it a spin.

I was looking for a logging program just around the time of V2 release. I read here in the reflector about Log4OM and by chance it was being released the next day.

I have V2 installed. I never used V1. I must say I am pretty darn frustrated. The manual does not show how to log a SOTA “reference” they use IOTA as the example, and in looking at the old V1 way to do it from this SOTA Reflector it is different.

I only have 35 SOTA summits under my belt so I figured I would “catch up” and get all my QSOs and summits into Log4OM, then use it going forward as the SOTA experts in this forum have indicated (exporting from Log4OM to LOTW and to our SOTA DB).

I manually entered references in “My References” in system configs but this list does not show up on the Edit QSO area. I manually entered the correct references again in the QSO edit window both for “My Ref” and “Award Ref” and after saving, when I reopened it I saw no references at all.

I hope it is just something simple I am doing wrong, and expert users of Log4OM can help us newbies out.

I believe what Terry may be referring to is that there is support in V2 for you to correctly make a log entry for a very corner case activation.
Someone posted to the user forum about activating a summit that has a summit identifier of one country, but the activator is in the activation zone and activating in another country. The solution that was shown allows the user to make the correct entry.
Here is the link to that support discussion: V2 & SOTA - Log4OM

We filter the summit list according to prefix so if you enter an ON call the list is filtered to display just ON summits, this avoids having to select a single ref from the complete summit list which of course is extensive!

However if your ON station is activating a DL summit from within Belgium because he is within the allowed distance from the summit then it is possible to add the DL summit ref although, because of his ON call the list only displays ON summits.

Hope that explains it

Terry G4POP


Pages 83 and 84 of the user guide are specific to SOTA but the SOTA logging is essentially the same as IOTA and other awards we cater for.

Tomorrow I will produce a YouTube tutorial showing how to set up and use Log4OM version 2 for SOTA, contact me if you require assistance after having watched it

Terry G4POP

I found an easy solution to that problem using the previous version:
Let us say VK3PF operating in ZL on ZL1/AK-001.
Enter in the callsign area: ZL/VK3PF (NOT VK3PF/ZL) and the program makes the ZL summit list available…
Same solution applies for other instances when an operator is in a foreign country, including IOTA references: place the DX prefix before the callsign instead of after…

Peter VK3PF

The problem Terry is talking about is, for example, a border summit between Belgium and Germany. The summit has a single ref: DL/XX-001. The activator activates from the Belgian side of the border (let’s say because something prevents me entering Germany), so uses a callsign of ON/VK3ARR. It would then show me the ON list, but it’s a DL summit.

Understood Andrew.
Delete earlier comment sent about 30 minutes ago - editting having checked in Log4OM v2.
Entered Callsign DL/VK3ARR, then other (fake) details. Went to Awards, then SOTA from the list. This brings up only a list of DL & DM summits. BUT you can enter ON/ON-009 in the appropriate box and click the + button to the left of the list of summit references. This brings up another small window in which you can add the correct summit reference & hit Enter. Then click the Add button to add the QSO to the log. The Awards field shows as blank. But if you go to recent QSOs and double click the entry, Then the Awards Refs tab, it shows that the SOTA reference is correctly recorded.
Peter VK3PF

There are more issues for activators. See my error report:

73 Joe

This is probably obvious but in V1 exporting to the SOTA database was easy - either as an activator or chaser. Am I missing something as I can’t see an easy way of doing it in V2??
(It was late when I tried it so might have missed the obvious… )
PS like the rest of the software thank you!

I have not found a good way to do this either. In V1, it was under Utilities then Statistics and Awards and was done just the way you mentioned. In V2, if you go to Utilities and Award Manager, I have not found a way to create a file to upload to SOTA.

But in V2, if you go to Utilities and QSO Manager, you can filter by date and see your SOTA activity, but if you make contacts with something other than SOTA, they will also be there. So, you can select the the ones you want with CTL+Click then export the selected to an ADIF file.

Also, in the filter screen of the QSO Manager, you can filter by References and choose SOTA as My References or as the chased References. That will, of course, let you see only SOTA activity. But, if you have a couple of days worth of chasing and activating, I have not found an easy way to filter those records so that you can create one file to upload to the new SOTA database.

I am hopeful V2 will get the bugs worked out, but in the meantime, I am staying with V1 as it works really well with SOTA.:hiking_boot:

Just my thoughts,
Ron, KI4TN

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Don’t forget the new database supports ADIF uploading.

Same problem here.
Let’s see what is planned for the export.

Your query was answered in the forum but you missed the action of selecting the correct award, also that was version 1 we are now on Version 2

YouTube tutorial about SOTA and other award references now on line at SOTA and other award references - YouTube

Part 2 concerning award statistics and upload and download of a SOTA CSV will be coming soon.

Is there an API for upload of the ADIF file by external software?