Log4OM Version 2 released

Hello Terry,

As you can see here in the screenshot the references are in (for “My references” and “Calls references”)
Also the QSO shows up in the Award view. All good on that side.

Editing the QSO (right click or double-click in the F7 QSO list) is the only bug left. See also the observation by Markus HB9BRJ with the same observation.
I have added a youtube link at the log4om forum that shows the problem.

73 Joe

The API abstracts out the upload piece; the client handles converting from CSV to the upload format, or ADIF to the upload format. If you PM me, I’ll guide you through what you would need to be able to upload to it.

And did you update to as advised?

Yes, all good for me now! :+1: . See my comment in the log4om forum.

73 Joe

I did message you requesting an email but nothing so far did you send one?

Good show

Not yet, a bit heavy with work today, will respond tomorrow morning.

Hello Terry. Will version 1 have to be removed before installing version 2? Please advise.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

I can answer this for you. Version 2 runs in a completely different environment than Version 1. You can install V2 and you do not have to un-install V1. I have both versions running on my computer so that I can experiment with V2 while maintaining my real log in V1.

Hope that helps. :hiking_boot:

Ron, KI4TN


Hello Ron, yes that was very helpful and a great idea of having two version on till all the bugs sorted.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

No as it says in the user guide both versions can run alongside each other, no need to uninstall

Can a Log4OM / SOTA guru comment on the steps to take to upload Log4OM V2 entries into the SOTA database? I think I saw that SOTA DB can take ADIF imports now. With the change of SOTA DBs and the new release of V2 for Log4OM I am looking for the recommended process to use going forward.

I’m not a guru but can tell you the steps I take…
First check your latest chaser record on: newsotadata.sota.org.uk.
Goto menu, View Results, My Results, My Chaser Log.
Then filter your Log4OM V2 log for sota chaser QSO’s: select filters, References, select Award SOTA, close the filters screen with the red cross on the RH top corner.
Then you will see the log is being refreshed. After some moments, the refreshing is done, and the Filter knob is turned into orange.
Now you have a Log filtered with only SOTA QSO’s.
Here you can select the QSO’s you want to upload by using the LH mouse switch while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard.
Now create an ADIF file : Hold the pointer of the mouse on the selected QSO’s and press the RH mouse botton. In the popup menu click on ‘Selected to ADIF’.
Now the ADIF file you created , can be uploaded.
Goto newsotadata.sota.org.uk, menu, Submit Logs, upload ADIF log file. Choose the ADIF file you have created in the previous steps and select Upload ADIF.
Check if all records are correct and then select SUBMIT.

Good luck with uploading, Best 73, Peter, PE4A

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There is an easier method using the Awards statistics

Looking forward to infos on that. I have not figured out how to do that.