Log4OM SOTA CSV Upload?

I finally got Log4OM installed and working. I’d appreciate some guidance on uploading to SOTA. I am unable to select multiple QSO’s at one time. I’m following the upload instructions in the manual, but I seem able to only highlight one line at a time. Is there some trick to get multiple selection to work?

Also, the SOTA Ref field is not shown on my QSO Info Log screen like it shows in the manual. Is there some trick to get Sota Ref as a listed column?

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

If Log4OM is actually trying to put things into the SOTA database then it may be being bitten by this → Database host having issues

No, it just features a CSV export utility with SOTA formatting.

Hi Barry,
I use Log4OM as my main logging software. Here are the steps I take to upload my log to the SOTA database after transferring my paper log from an activation into Log4OM:

  • Choose Statistics and Awards from the Utilities menu

  • In the Statistics and awards tab, select the AWARDS tab, then the SOTA tab

  • Then I select View type of Activator and Start date and End date appropriately

  • Now select Export - Current Data at the bottom of the window and you are almost there.

  • In the Show QSL window that appears, check the number of QSOs, then select SOTA - Export as activator from the drop down and you get your csv file.

I upload the csv file to the SOTA database as activator then reupload the same file as chaser for S2S and chaser records.

If you are uploading chaser QSOs from your home QTH you probably need to select Chaser instead of Activator in the third step.

I’ll try to upload some screen captures in a while.

Malcolm VE2DDZ


Many of the QSO displays in Log4OM are configurable. Try clicking Layout in a particular view to see.

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Thanks Malcolm!!!

There were a few tricky steps that I’ve sorted out with your help. I was never seeing the Show QSL screen before.

And the Layout is also squared away now.

73, Barry N1EU

Hi Malcom

I also use Log4OM as my log software and it’s a great software.

But something that I couldn’t do is to enter my SOTA Ref in the main window (see prtscr below).
How do you insert your sota ref ?

I asked before but no answers…


Pedro CT1DBS

Hi Pedro,

To enter your SOTA reference (for activating) you have to use the Settings screens

Then find My SOTA on the Station Info tab

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Hi Malcom

Those are the small little things that we never find out !!! :relieved:

You made my day (night over here) !!!



Pedro, CT1DBS

Another thumbs up from me regarding Log4OM. I’ve used this software for a while now and it works flawlessly with FLdigi and WSJT-X.

I strongly recommend the Quick Start Guide for new users and the Log4OM user manual which is excellent and often updated.

73 Chris M0RSF

I’m new, so I may have missed something. I am trying to download SOTA to Log4OM and the screen shots in the manual look similar to this thread. (Yes, I realize this thread is uploading from Log4OM to SOTA - I will need to do that as well) Only, when I open the application the actual screens don’t match the these.

Is this functionally still there? Are the screen picks different now? Am I just not seeing something that is right in front of my nose? (In my defense, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to use a logging program.)

Are you wanting to download the data stored at SOTADATA http://sotadata.org.uk/ for use in Log4OM?

SOTADATA only outputs as CSV and Log4OM doesn’t import CSV files, so you need to convert from CSV to ADIF to allow input.

ON6ZQ | SOTA to ADIF log converter can assist with this function.

Update It would seem that Log4OM does import SOTA CSV. I guess you learn something new everyday.

yes you are correct, I wish to download the data stored at SOTADATA for use in Log4OM - the manual refers to:

Downloading a “My Results” CSV file from SOTA … 141

and sure sounds like it will. and pg 141 shows a screen shot of a button, but I can’t find such a button in the actual program.

Is there an Import SOTA ADIF button somewhere? I didn’t see that either.

thank you for any help you can give

Hi Jill,

It looks to be working OK here. I just downloaded my Activator Log from the SOTA database. Then it was a case of following the instructions in the manual.

It is worth being aware of the way that the manual displays some Button/option combinations:

  1. Go to “Utilities/Statistics & Awards” in Log4om - means “Utilities” in the top menu, then the “Statistics and Awards” option.
  2. Open the “Awards/SOTA’ tab - Means select “Awards” on the popup, then “SOTA”.
  3. Click on “Import SOTA CSV” - The Import option is in the menu on the bottom of the popup.
  4. Select the downloaded file by clicking “Open” in the “Import SOTA” window.
  5. Click “Merge/Import SOTA file”

It is still working its way through the Import as I type this: there are 364 activations to import.

I hope that helps,

Peter VK3PF

Thank you for going to the trouble to test it for me. It’s encouraging to know that it works for someone.

So I can do step #1, but there’s no “Awards/SOTA” tab that I can see. Is something supposed to pop-up? If I select the “Utilities/Super Cluster” above the “Utilities/Statistics & Awards” something pops-up, but not for “Utilities/Statistics & Awards”

Could I have setup the program wrong? Maybe an uninstall is in order?

Hi Jill,

No problem about me trying to do the Import - I had been meaning to try it for some time.

I first created a VK3PF/p profile, and then made that the active profile. That then keeps my /p operations separate from home operations - my preference.

Perhaps download the latest version (1.27.0) and load it. I am running 1.26.0 and will shortly update to 1.27.0.

Under Utilities, I see:
Log4OM Supercluster
Statistics and Awards
and then a horizontal separator to further options.

Clicking “Statistics and Awards” brings up a pop-up.
In the pop-up, there are 6 Tabs, with the fifth being AWARDS - select that tab.
This reveals 7 further tabs - SOTA is near the right hand side. Once selected, you can see the screen shown in the manual.
“Import SOTA CSV” is on the bottom of the screen - click on teh words to bring up the Import dialog.

Good luck,

Peter VK3PF

thank you again.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, after several tries I found that my grid square information was being cleared from the config file. I re-entered the grid square, saved, then checked again and it was gone again. I finally clicked enough things to get the grid square to stay put! Low & behold, once my grid square stayed put - the SOTA pop-up worked as described. So, I think I’ve got it!