Lightweight portable paddle with magnetic return?

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced portable paddle with a magnetic return similar to the N0SA SOTA paddle? That looks like the perfect paddle for my operating style, but he isn’t sure when/if he will be making any more, His was the only lightweight magnetic return paddle I’m familiar with.

Any suggestions?

The one you described looks good… Is it also practical? I have my doubts. It is open to all kinds of dirt.

Have you been following this thread?

I am extremely satisfied with it

73 Armin


I’m not sure what you mean by reasonably priced, but I have been using this key for several years now:

It’s not particularly lightweight but, with a well-made magnetic shoe on a flight deck, it sits absolutely rock solid and can be operated one-handed.
73 de OE6FEG

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I have a N0SA paddle that is excess to my needs and would be willing to sell it. It is not his latest model, but is the previous model. Let me know via email if you are interested in a used paddle and want additional information and pictures.


Dave, AE9Q

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Ive been wondering if this e bay item is worth checking out, i have not seen reviews for it, search ebay … Stainless Steel Portable HF Shortwave Automatic CW Morse Code Magnetic Telegraph

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The GM0EUL paddles are magnetic, lightweight, and affordable. I’m not an expert judge of paddles, but my UMPP-Academy seems fine.

Also, I compiled a spreadsheet of every lightweight and/or less-expensive paddle that I could find. I’m glad to share that.


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Not sure that PLA is the ideal material for a portable Morse key.

From the page I linked: “The main components are 3-D printed from PFA, a plant based plastic-like material that is much less harmful to the environment than conventional plastics.”


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