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BaMaKey TP-III Morse Paddle

CW enthusiasts beware:

Markus DL6YYM will be able to deliver the new BaMaKey TP-III Morse Paddle from around the end of March 2021.

It is the successor to the well-proven TP-II version, for which there is a detailed experience report from David G3ZPF here:

Markus will also offer a special clamp as an option, with which the TP-III paddle can be attached to a flight deck, for example.

All details can be found on bamatech dot net (website language D and E).

By the way, for Swiss customers 19% VAT is deducted from the price … then only 8.1% VAT is charged for imports … so a win-win exercise, hi.

If you don’t know Markus DL6YYM yet, you can find personal information on qrz dot com/db/DL6YYM where you can also find the links to his personal website and Instagram.

I have no business relationships with BaMa Tech.
We know each other quite simply since 04. Nov. 2015, when Markus chased me on SOTA HB/VD-025 Pointe d’Aveneyre.



Looks like a nice key.
vk5cz …

Shipping costs to the US are painful, but I think I’m going to order one of these. What a beautiful little key.

Shipping makes it a no for me. :frowning: $50 to ship 3oz is outrageous. I just can’t bring myself to pay that.

Too bad there are no less expensive carriers available.


Cute and looks well made.

Cheers, Wal VK2WP

Small package up to 2 kilos shipping Germany -> USA €8.89

That’s the cheapest - to add insurance (up to €50 value), add €4.

Large package at up to 5 Kilos (with tracking and insurance) is €36.99 (about US$45) - that’s what someone has looked at perhaps??

73 Ed.

P.S. Crikey this thing costs €155 so most likely it’s the shipping insurance that has ramped up the shipping price to US$50!

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If so, that’s insane! UPS and USPS costs around 1% for insurance. DHL appears to be charging upwards of 8%.

Looking at this again, it’s not so much that DHL is charging exorbitant amounts for insurance, rather that the €37 (5 KG big package) includes up to €500 insurance, so instead of taking out separate insurance, BaMaKey have taken the easy option and paid for a MUCH larger capacity and weight than they need, just so they don’t have to book insurance separately.

€37 to ship a 5 kilogram package from Germany to the US, is not expensive. To ship 85 grams I agree it is!

As I said the two smaller package sizes can have insurance added but only up to €50 cover for €4 extra.

Actual shipping costs out of Germany are reasonable - a lot better than say out of Australia or the US - from my personal experience they are very expensive as soon as you want to ship internationally.

I would never ever use USPS for international shipping out of the US again - of three shipments, two were lost and the third took 4 months to get here.

73 Ed.


In any event, it’s a shame that the shipping is so exorbitant. :frowning: But, they are at the mercy of the shippers, tariffs, and such.

Too bad they don’t have a US domestic distributor. I know QRP Labs shipped a bunch of their kits over here en masse for distribution.

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The shipping for the weight isn’t exorbitant - it only appears that way because of the option chosen by the seller - why not email or call them and discuss if there are other options if you want to buy the key. :thinking:

I think we are all used to shipping being included with items from China and elsewhere that it comes as a shock when the seller asks so much for shipping.

I think you mean QRP Labs, not QCX labs - QCX is one of their products.

Here’s an idea - why not approach a ham radio dealer that you use in the States and ask them to approach BaMaKey about becoming a distributor? Bulk shipping quickly pays off as you say, Richard…

73 Ed.

Already sent an email to see how many keys can be shipped for the base shipping cost. I’m suspecting three if that covers 500 insurance. May see if a couple of other locals want to get together to help lessen the sting.


DHL also do customised cargo insurance. This may be a better option than just using the €37 5Kilo option for BaMaKey. By the way, does that name not sound like “Buy My Key” spoken by someone with an accent HI?

73 Ed.

If you think that’s bad, I have been trying to order a 16 pin dil IC from the USA which costs $14 and they were charging $19 for postage…I declined the offer!



“$50 to ship 3oz is outrageous”

We don’t have the same definition of this word !!

This is outrageous …
Mouser for one capacitor of 0.29€ price ask me that :crazy_face:

73 Éric


They gave some good options for a group buy.

3 keys can be shipped for the same as a single key
4-5 keys can be shipped for $30US
6-7 keys would be shipped for free

Now just to find some locals interested. If I could get enough interest, this could be something that would open up to CONUS. 6-7 keys with free shipping to me could be shipped to the end purchasers for $14 priority mail ($8 if they fit in a small box) plus a couple of bux for insurance, a good bit cheaper than the single key shipping from Germany.


In the meantime, the BaMaKey TP-III has proven itself very well for me and some SOTA colleagues.
It seems that the developer, Markus DL6YYM, has found the optimal solution for a portable keyer paddle in terms of size, robustness and precision of the levers.

BTW, Markus can be heard tomorrow Saturday from 0630-0930z from DLFF-0342. He will be QRV with 5 watts and a 40/30/20m EFHW antenna and looks forward to every call, even if it is not a TP-III to TP-III QSO, hi.

73, Heinz


But not advertised in his web

Antonio, EA4MY

Markus told me that he will be away until the end of June and that he will update his online shop when he returns.
So either have patience or make something suitable yourself :wink: