Life of a Mountain: A Year on Blencathra

For UK Viewers Terry Abraham’s acclaimed film is being shown tonight (Tuesday) at 21:00.

73 Phil

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oo, think ill be recording that.

I enjoyed it!

Thanks for the post Phil…very enjoyable.

very good programme. just makes you want to go to the lakes more than usual :smiley:

And tonight on BBC2 at 21:00 we have “The Lake District: A Wild Year.”

Tonight, Friday, at 9pm BBC2 has The Lake District: A Wild Year

Ooo another to watch on iPlayer me thinks.

EEE how times change. I remember at school(17 years ago) reading about the next generation of TV being made where you could watch what you want when you want. I thought it would be marvelous. Now my son doesn’t like it if we can’t fast forward through adverts because we watching it live.

Highly recommend buying the ‘Life of a Mountain’ DVD as its 2 hours long not the edited 1 hour shown on TV.

I confess I share your son’s opinion!

Sounds like an interesting itm. Unfortunately the Beeb doesn’t provide foreigners with access to those programs so the DVD would be the only option for those outside the UK. Either that, or you use a service that makes it look like you are in the UK.