Leap Year - Activations

When I got up yesterday and thought about the date (29 Feb) if I want to activate on all days of the year I better do something because it will be a 4 year wait before I can get this Day of the Year.

So a little trip out to my local SOTA G/LD-045 and a few local VHF QSOs.

This got me thinking who has activated on all Days of the Year ?

I ran a few downloads from the wonderful SOTA database here are some selected results.

M1EYP = 100%
MM0YCJ = 94%
G4OBK = 79%
MW0WML = 75%
M0HGY = 67%
G4VFL = 55%

Another list and an excuse to go out SOTAing.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Excellent - and pointless use of the Database Andrew. Excellent because it is pointless in fact!

I think I’m also 100% in activating every hour of the clock … shall I investigate…?

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Yes, it seems I am 100% for the 366 dates of the calendar, AND the 24 hours of the clock.

Just been running a bit of pointless analysis on my 70,506 SOTA activator QSOs to date:

Interestingly my least active date of the calendar is August 16th, with just 16 activator QSOs recorded. And the most active is in the same month - August 2nd with 591 activator QSOs made over the years!

My least active clock hours for activating are - unsurprisingly - 01, 02 and 03, with the most active hours - 19 and 20 - surely being boosted by my combining SOTA activations with VHF contest evenings.

Anyway, this will all be out of date soon enough… :wink:


So here’s my useless statistic. 48% of my activations have been on a Thursday. I’m surprised it’s not higher.

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Was going to do that for mine too, then didn’t bother, then saw your reply, then did bother…!


Looks like a third of all my SOTA activator QSOs have happened on a Tuesday!

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My statistic was activations rather than QSOs. 55% of my activator QSOs have been on a Thursday.

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Not had much to do today - as you can tell!

Now looked at the bands and modes used in the 70,506 activator QSOs made across my 4,000 SOTA activations to date:

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Is there a badge for 29th of Feb activations?
If yes I may try it in 4 years time :laughing:


No, but there should be.

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Oo-er, for some of us SOTA on Christmas Day and / or Boxing Day would be a divorcable offence. Then there’s the other half’s birthday - but I cracked that one in my first year of SOTA bagging Butser Hill G/SE-004 on my way home from a birthday weekend away. The weather was cold, wet and windy and my XYL sat in the car reading a book. Both of us were happy. :grinning:


I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that a lot of my activating takes place late at night and/or very early morning. This year will see my 30th wedding anniversary…


Well I’ve got 20 years on you, but it still would not be acceptable… and indeed why should it be? I value the time with the family… all 4 generations of them. As they say, the hills will still be there… :grinning:


Same! That’s why I do most of it when she’s watching telly or asleep :wink:

Unless planned way in advance I have the early morning activations, and try to be home relatively early as to not impede on the wife’s plans for the day. So far it works fairly well.

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Yes, that’s very similar to what I do at weekends - and especially when on holiday together.

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