LaTeX functionality for Reflector

I was randomly wondering if there were any plans to add Latex functionality to the reflector?


$f(x) = \int_{-y}^{y} \phi(y)sin(y) dy$

The above were just a test to see if it was already there. Preview seems to suggest not.
Might have some use for some of the more technical discussions.

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Looks like the Math plugin would allow that.

Will it be put to good use. Not sure about that.

73 Joe

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I’m not so sure either. I was wondering while writing part of an assignment that required it whether the reflector had it enabled.

Might be of use in some of the more technical antenna discussions.

I think after 20 years not missing it then its not a top priority :slight_smile:


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I was expecting something much more spicy from the title. I was all excited when I clicked and now I’m not :rofl:


I did too.


Every now and then the reflector can be so disappointing.
The other day I saw a thread “30 pints for SOTA” and was keen to learn more about what I presumed a challenge was. Then I figured out I just misread the title.



I’m an old LaTeX hack, and I’m not so sure I’d ever use it here.

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I was confused by the “Looking for down trousers” thread repeatedly. My brain refused to see the “for” whenever I glanced at the topic list.

No LaTeX plugin planned. I think we have a limited number of plugins our hosting provider will manage for us, and I don’t think this will get much use outside the few LaTeX lovers out there.


I’ve been told French Chalk is essential to get into LaTeX.


I once had to use butter to get into my motorbike leathers, but that is an entirely different story.

I love the joy and pain that was associated with LaTex and Tex. It was a real love-hate relationship. I guess that is what it has in common with S&M.

I have a similar relationship with CW now…


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It might be useful on occasion, if only to make statements about wavelengths and aerials look better, and the odd formula or six may creep up in the more technical topics.

73, Martin

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@G7ADF I guess, this calls for an integration with MathJax, which is usually pretty straightforward. I employ it on my website.

MathJax is also used extensively by the StackExchange communities; including, for example, the Amateur Radio StackExchange.

It is really easy to use once you get the grips of it. It would be a worthwhile extension to this reflector.

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Use the html λ λ2 λ4
λ/2 λ⁄2



and also Ω μ ≅ °


What I would like, is help for the markdown variant that this site supports. I get right sick of having to try 10 different markdown variants to find what does/doesn’t work on any site.

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@G7ADF It just occurred to me that the software backend of this reflector Discourse and the Q&A site StackExchange were both developed by Jeff Atwood. The latter came first, so yes, a MathJax plugin is available.


It also turns out that Jeff Atwood was born in the same year as me and is worth around $100 million US. We’ve never been seen in the same place at the same time (just like Clark Kent and Superman).

If I take my glasses off though, I don’t look like him :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, we’re not going to use up the limited number of plugins we’re allowed as part of our hosting plan on something that’ll get little if any use outside of one or two individuals.

So, unless it’s part of the default install, the conversation is moot.


Since λ (and λ2 λ4 )is quite ubiquitous, perhaps a button could be added to the composer to customise it.

Not a serious request to expend/waste time on, more of a “I have important things I’m supposed to do so I’m doing this instead” kind of thing. Like my network fault current assignment right now…