3D prints for SOTA

I thought it might be an idea to have a thread to post details of 3D prints people have designed that might be useful for portable radio operation.

So to kick things off, here’s a simple one I created the other day to provide a cable strain relief for PowerPole connectors:

IMG_1147 (1)

The PowerPole clips into the holder. I’d recommend printing in PETG as its much more tolerant to tugs on the cable, plus if done carefully it will withstand heat enough to be able to heatshrink the cable:

IMG_1148 (1)

I wouldn’t print this in PLA as its mechanical properties aren’t suitable for this type of application (its very likely to fracture).

My files can be downloaded from here: https://www.printables.com/model/215192-powerpole-connector-cable-strain-relief

Hope thats of some use,



Good idea a post with 3D prints for Sota.

Here you are my supports for pole in a “vértice geodésico”. It is the orange piece that has engraved my callsign. I printed it 2019 year and still doesn’t break.


A box for a 49:1 balun with a hole through the lug on the side to slip onto an antenna pole.

A box for my custom digimodes cable. Could have done with some screws for the lid to do away with the gaffer tape.

A replacement back plate for the FT817 case. The cardboard one from inside the leather case was ripped and mangled but the plastic one is more solid.

A little clip thing that goes on the end of an end fed dipole to hang from tbe top of an antenna pole.

Numerous antenna/guy winders, a ring to attach the guys to an antenna pole and a “thing” to attach the inverted v link dipole to the top of the pole.

An adaptor to use a Li-ion battery from my Bosch drill as a 12v power source for /P before I bought a LiFePO4 battery. It slides onto the top of the battery and the paperclips make contact with the battery contacts. Voltage regulator is electrically very noisy so dont use this any more.

(Not SOTA) Various brackets to attach various antennas/poles to the locking pins on the side of a UPVC window at the home QTH.

The spiders for my 70cm quagi antenna which I occasionally take on an activation for a laugh. I made a 2m version which was a challenge on an Ender 3, and was so ridiculously big it only got used once.

Theres more but I think that’s enough :slight_smile:
I dont have anywhere at home for wood/metal working so since getting the 3D printer I’ve used it for making all kinds of things, often things very bespoke to me so you cant buy them anywhere.


Wow, you’ve been busy Pete!

Like you I’ve been designing several small replacement parts for things that broke, but do get to do some more interesting bits from time to time. The latest is a small 9:1 for my lightweight random wire antenna:

Quite pleased with that, it even reminds me which way round to connect it* :grinning:

I found that a box of 200 no 4 x 3/8" self tappers (£1.89 from ToolStation) work well for attaching lids to small boxes where I don’t want a more permanent printed ‘latch’.


* yes I do realise it should say 1:9 to be completey accurate re. the connectors :grinning:


I use this one to hold my phone for logging. Printed mount holds a velcro strap which goes around my leg or arm, depending on how I’m operating. I glued on an iPhone MagSafe magnet. My phone snaps right on, and I can orient it however I need to so that it’s aligned for easy logging. Lately it’s been on my left arm while operating, but if there’s a good place to sit, it’ll be right leg. It has a little bit of contour on the back so it’s fairly comfortable to wear.


This one I use on every activation - I know @VK1DA also uses his:


This is very interesting for Sota, a VHF yagi ultralight.

The idea is from OK1CDJ


I’ve put a few of mine on the Prusa site Printables.com.I generally use a fair few printed parts for any type of activation.You can find the STL’s here

I also use Onshape as a design tool and all my designs are in the public domain so you’re free to “fork” them and modify, If you make it better then just shout about it!


Hi folks again!

This box for 49:1 is designed by Javi EA2GM who give me this unit to fit a T50-43.


I made these clips to to mount my slim jim 2m antenna (450 ohm ladder) to my 6m Decathlon travel fishing pole.

Once you have it setup Its quicker and easier than the velcro cable ties, especiialy with gloves on :slight_smile: it just slides over the pole and good to go.

STL files here on Thingiverse Slim Jim Antenna fishing pole clips by Pdev23 - Thingiverse




Here is another wire winder. The notches are handy to position the BNC connector with 9:1 transformer and making a continuous wind of the 41’ radiator and attached counterpoise.



Oh boy, I’ve got plenty of models for SOTA!

My printables page: Printables

Multiple antenna winders, optimized for flat packing and easy deployment (leg angle is key).


Morse Code Paddles / Keys (including iambic, single-lever, and straight)

A mini-microphone.

An improved Elecraft AX-1 Bipod Clip and Knob.

And a slew of other stuff. Coming soon, a 12V rotator, moxon beam hub, and more.



I just published my first 3D printed design.


It is a replacement screw cap for the flimsy caps on the bottom of some telescoping poles. There is a brand sold by Lambdahalbe in Germany that suffers from this problem. I have seen other poles and the design seems similar. Who owns such a pole will know of what I am talking.

73 Heinz


And here’s a replacement for the top plug. These telescoping poles have an internal plug at the top, which makes them longer. This external cap make it shorter to fit in a pack, and also allows you to cut a bit off the outer section to make it shorter again. On my aliexpress poles the result was 7cm less, making them 58cm and a good fit in the pack.

FT891 replace power connector

Original Yaesu tuning knobs have a large lump of brass and are quite heavy, as well as sticking out further than I would like (for robustness-in-packs)


FT891 - the instrument bearing spinner has to be counterbalanced or the knob will slump as the encoder is so light. The printer was having a bad day, but it works.

Sleeving flanges to adapt diameters of tubes

All these are parametric (openscad) models you can adapt. Ask if you want one.


A moxon beam hub would be a very useful 3D print project!

What band? 2m or something more heavy?


Have you seen




I did the same for the sotabeams tactical mini because I keep breaking mine.


Its coming for 10m, a sota version to drag up a mountain. Just waiting to test it at the right time, had a few learnings on the way. When i see the results i will publish the models. :slight_smile:

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For 10m actually - I know it’s a bit heavy for bigger summits, but for something smaller it might give good results.