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Lake District SOTA Weekend 2020

It’s all right Mark, this is harder than herding cats. Maybe a vote isn’t a bad idea for a few dates. I’m only a little grumpy because I had such a bonzer time last year meeting people and spending time with Paul HB9DST (who has a similar taste in Jazz to me), the SOTA results were merely a cherry on the cake compared to that.

If I can’t make then I can’t make it.


I would like to join in as an activator, I have the advantage of being retired so I will probably fit in with any days chosen, but in my experience any weekend is likely to be very busy in the summer months. I think the best tactic is avoid the honey pot summits, stay and activate on the fringes.

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Agree Brian. That’s what I did this year and (like Andy) had a ball. (I prefer rock to jazz though)

Me too.

Me too.

Happy with both dates but I now need to make sure I get the right date booked in the diary! Last year went for points with three summits rather than staying put. Not sure of the plan this year yet but Pillar, Kirk Fell and Gable would make for a challenge!

I like fruitcakes!

Pity will miss activating next year as I will be cruising but will listen out for those on the summits.

Please now see this topic for on-going discussion about the weekend.