Ladder snake

What a surprise.
The other day I tripped over a ladder snake, typical in my area (an adult and quite large).
The funny thing is that at this time of year, it is not normal to be exposed in this way, I find it strange.
As you know, I am a lover of reptiles, arthropods etc.
With great caution I got him to get out of the way, before some vehicle stepped on it. Of course, he defended himself strongly. But I got him to move away. Be careful if you have no experience with these animals. His bite is infectious, but it has no poison.
This was the result:

73 de Dani EA5M


Thats certainly a late snake. something to do with our abnormally mild winter so far.

I can’t possibly imagine any of our 3 snakes species being out at this time of the year.

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