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KXØR/Carey: Double MG

Carey is on his way to another SOTA activation. This activation will get him across the 2000 Activator point threshold and therefore Colorado’s (WØC) first double goat.

Let me me be one of the first to congratulate this outstanding Activator with many first activation’s under his belt and many summits no other SOTA Activator even tried.

Way to go Carey…

Point your antennas towards Colorado, pre-heat your amps an let’s make sure this activation will be a success.

GL and 73, Matt/KØMOS

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Congratulations Carey on making double goat. You’re in my logbook many many times and I always try to work you if possible. On to triple MG.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations, Carey, (or GEO as I usually call you on CW). And thanks for all of the past contacts. You are my #1 chased activator with 245 contacts and counting. Will listen for you on the next summit.
73, Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Carey! You are one of the most consistent Activators in my log. I’ve worked you 339 times, on 30,20,18 and even 40 mtrs. Always a nice signal and a very patient operator. Continued success and on to the next 1000 points. 73 and best to you. de Scotty KG3W

We are impressed with your achievement. One of less than a dozen!

Way to go Carey (aka Geo)!! I just saw the spots for your Madonna Dome activation so it must be official now! You’ve certainly been on an Activation roll these past couple of years. Keep up the great work my friend!!

73, Brad

Amazing Achievement. Congratulations. Looking at your excellent trip reports of trail-less scree/boulder ridden summits, and a high number of contacts per summit (from what seems like a pile of altoid tins) makes this achievement even more impressive!

73 - Jim K7MK

Congrats George. You were really loud on 17M today. Thanks for all the W0C summits…

73, Todd KH2TJ

Congrats, George / Carey. Always a pleasure to work you.

Best 73, and CUL
Ken, K6HPX and Kay, KE7BGM

Congratulations Carey!


Mike - ke5akl

Congrats George/Carey, always great fun to chase you and thanks for chasing me! Well done OM…


Congratulations on your 2K activator points George, along with all the points that you have provided us chasers.

73 Rich N4EX

Congrats! Quite an achievement in challenging Colorado and an all year long effort no less!

73 de Bren/NU7A

Been nice to work you over the last couple of years but just lately have not been able to hear much as the down turn takes hold. Glad you got a pair of goat awards now . I am slowly working on my first over half way now.
cheers and regards
Ian vk5cz …

What can I say? Well, George is the kind of activator I want to be when I grow up. :grin:

George activates frequently and often tackles difficult and remote summits that I can only dream about doing. I enjoy reading about his adventures through his summit articles, which are always accompanied by great pictures of his hikes. George always has a FB signal on the east coast (which is a major requirement for my poor CW copying skills) and the only western US activator that I feel confident that I will be able to work when I see his alerts. Another big plus for me is that he is often still out on a mountaintop in Colorado when I get home from work and I can actually get a chance to get a chase in during the week. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on :goat: :goat: and looking forward to many more SOTA contacts.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Congrats George…

The first GOAT was so much fun you just had to do it again!

c u agn soon


All of you chasers - and many others - are the motivators of my activations. I always have enjoyed climbing mountains, especially in Colorado, but SOTA has added a lot of meaning to the activity.

Thank you for your patience pulling me out of the QSB - and especially for your many S2S contacts.



George Carey Fuller

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Yes, congratulations Carey. I have just started SOTA chasing and you are one of my most frequent activators. Here’s hoping you can make it to TRIPLE MG

Congrats Carey! Lucky for all the Chasers, you have caught the SOTA bug! Carey is also a noteworthy Chaser with over 8k chaser points. Always a pleasure to work you in CO! GL, Guy/n7un aka nS0TA

my congrat too. Just worked u again 73 wa6kyr