KR7RK Keith - Double Goat

Just about a month ago Keith reached double Super Sloth.
I must have caught something because I’m seeing double.
Today, Keith became Arizona’s newest double Mountain Goat. Congratulations Keith !
It’s always a pleasure to Chase you across multiple bands and add you to my log, now over 360 QSO’s.

vy 72/73, Bruce


Congrats Keith,

Seems like you have been doing marathon activating lately, so not surprised you shot past the 2x MG level. And not only OTA all day, but all bands too!. Whereas most of us sloth-activators slog along at less than 350 activation points per annum, you are screaming along at over 700 points per annum. I guess we can all agree … you have darn well earned this significant 2x award. You didn’t get it by just showing up, as they say; you got out of bed, early, alot, and put in the hard miles, without much recovery time. Yep, I’m having trouble keeping up with half your pace! Very FB OM, and do keep it up!

73, Woody/K1LB

Congratulations Keith! Always a pleasure to work you.


Steve -N7MQ

Congratulations Keith!! What a great accomplishment…



Well done Keith! I always enjoy your calls and activations.
Scott kw4jm

Fantastic Keith, congratulations.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congrats keith! On to tripple Goat!!


Great Big Congrats Keith!
Thought you were exhibiting symptoms of GOAT FEVER again, with the intense activity.
All best, and BAA, BAA.

Congratulation Keith and well deserved!
Bill, K0MP

Congratulations Keith! You add a lot to the SOTA Activating and Chasing enjoyment! Your excellent activation gear puts out strong signals into NH. 73 Bob AC1Z

Good going, Keith!
Always glad to hear you, and thanks for all the summits!
John, K6YK

Ride on Keith! Always greatly enjoy our highly efficient contacts. Seems we’ve been having them multiple times per day lately =)

When you are ready to bag some peaks here in W7W, let me know. You won’t get a lot of points, but we have a lot of spectacular summits.



Congratulations! According to my log, I’ve only worked you twice and both times were last week. Hopefully there’ll be many more in the future.

Congratulations, Keith! Big thanks for all of the chaser points I’ve gotten from your activations, but also for all the GPS tracks that you’ve shared! They are invaluable in planning my own activations!

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations, Keith!

And thanks for the 108 contacts to date!

73, Walt

Congrats, Keith!
Very well done and thank you very much for the 18 SOTA QSOs during your activations.
Looking forward for a S2S with you.
Keep up the good work!


Congratulations Keith!

Always fun to get a s2s with you.

Congratulations Keith!

You sure are a SOTA beacon for Arizona. Successfully chased and in my log 164 times 4 of them been s2s with the last one been just yesterday. ZL1/WK-041 s2s W5T/GU-004 You add a lot to the sport of SOTA. Thank you.

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Congratulations Keith!


Congratulations. Thanks for all the activations. I look forward to work you on many more.

Jeff K6QCB