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KR7RK Keith - Double Goat


Great job! You’re in a lot of my logs, and hope you continue! Almost always can hear you, plus you’re on often!



Congrats Keith ! Thanks for all the Sota points . It’s a pleasure to listen to you work a pile up. 73 de Scotty

Congrats to you Keith. It’s always a pleasure chasing you. Will we be seeing you next year at Dayton?


Congrats Keith always glad to hear you on summits, especially 10 meters! 73, Rick WB0USI

Congrats Keith… see you at the triples!

I just assumed this was an old post, Keith is activating so often I thought that he must be way past Double Goat. Congratulation, Keith! I hope to chase you often. Thanks for covering many bands, I know that you’ll be strong on at least one.

Peter KD0YOB

Just incredible Keith! Wow. :hushed:

Joe. KE9AJ

Congrats Keith! Thanks for the summits!

Kent, K9EZ

Congratulations on your Double Goat accomplishment, Keith! You have invested an incredible amount of time and effort, and you have made many contributions to the SOTA community. I’m happy to have made a number of joint activations with you, chased you on your summits, been chased by you on my summits, and made many S2S contacts with you, too. Listen for me from Portugal as I hope to be active soon!

Paul K9PM

Congrats on 2x :mountain_snow: :goat: looking forward to many more S2S! 73 Kris

Congratulations Keith! I’ve enjoyed chasing you, from Arizona to Canada to Dayton.

Congrats, Keith. I am in awe.

73 Paula k9ir